Race Equality

You said " if you don’t want these things “white washing text books” Perhaps they shouldn’t be provoked how am I supposed to take that?

I hate when both sides do it. It annoys me passing something unconstitutional and knowing it will be overturned they do that with the second so much it pisses me off.

This country is too post modern to enjoy the mystery dude, very few can find meaning like Terrance McKenna did. I’m surprised a meathead like Joe Rogan can go anywhere with it at least he broke the left right paradigm. Decriminalization is one thing but legalization is another it’s like a statement that were ok with this. When I was younger I had some profound thoughts when I was stoned but it was underground it wasn’t mainstream it was part of the art scene in Grand Rapids. We’d read Satre, Kierkegaard, Calmus. Talk about the meaning of it all. Why any of it matters. Play Guitar, Bass, Drums its not something you do and turn the Xbox on. I hate the commercialization of pot, and the fact that it will in time bite you in the bum. People need to be aware about the uncomfortable parts. We never tell kids they will age it will hurt, everything becomes dull in time, you have to find reasons to keep going. If we wanna have that conversation we gotta leave politics out of it.

Not reinvent what it means? Don’t misrepresent what I said? That should go without saying.

If you don’t want conservatives elements using CRT as a basis to do this, don’t push CRT in schools.
It’s that simple. Their response is ham-fisted and an overcorrection, but they didn’t invite the fight.

We are here, because people who invented CRT, failed to police how it was being used, and where it was being applied.

Fix that problem, all of this goes away as far as I’m concerned.

I’d argue the opposite; it’s the lack of meaning that makes it necessary. The Greeks used drugs to find consensus. Seems to me we need a good healthy dose of that same methodology.

Fine, but keep this in mind; there is nothing corporations have done with MJ that equates what the cartels did with it. And there never will be.

Some evils you can’t eliminate. Only mitigate. At least corporations can be regulated; the cartels can only be fought.

Rogan puts the consequences of drugs use on full display. He doesn’t hide defects, he only also mentions the utility.

Systemic racism is a myth. Nowadays it’s much more lucrative to not be white. White peoples are on the way out.

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Yes, @gutsandcasca, I left corporate America in the mid 1990s. If you were Black and had the academic qualifications, you were set for getting the job. If you were good at your job, you got ahead quickly. Even if you weren’t good, you were still set because no boss was going to give you a bad review.

Of course, if you are a loser with no education, it’s hard to get in the front door. If you have a prison record, it’s harder still. It’s not “systemic racism” if you have nothing to offer an employer. If you are a convicted felon, you have less than nothing. A White person with the same problems also goes nowhere.

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I’d rather lose an arm that be black, because of the difficulties of that, the race handicap don’t play like its not real. https://csgjusticecenter.org/2014/09/23/researchers-examine-effects-of-a-criminal-record-on-prospects-for-employment/

Key findings include:

  • Both black and Hispanic men were less likely to receive a positive response from employers—including a call back or email for an interview or a job offer—compared with white men.
  • Men with criminal records were more likely than women with criminal records to receive a negative response from employers.
  • White men with a criminal record had more positive responses than black men with no criminal record.

If that’s true, how might you explain something like this:

Black Americans with ‘white’ names receive 50% more callbacks for job applications

Or this:

Statistically, Black Americans receive harsher punishments for the same crimes.

Or this:

Black children in the criminal justice system are 18x more likely to be sentenced as adults compared to white children

Or this:

Black Americans pay higher bail than white Americans convicted of the same crime

But now you’ll just tell me I’m crazy or something, right?

@Unitedwestand, if we were in the 1960s and before, the points you made about Black employment were valid. Today, you are drinking the Democrat Kool Aid.

At the conclusion of a job interview in 1971, just after I got my BS in accounting, a recruiter told me he could not hire me because I was White, and he had a quota to fill. That was the first, but far from the only time I was on the wrong side of the gender and raced based quota system.

The Wall Street firm, State Street Investments, announced that they will not hire any White males without the approval of the president of the company. Ironically the president is a White male. If they are posting the “equal opportunity employer” sign, they are total liars.

I once had an account with that company. If I had one now, I would withdraw every penny ASAP.

Sounds like right wing media propaganda to me…

That said, they admit to an effort to hire more women and minorities and management bonuses will be affected if goals aren’t met.

That said, the question is, aren’t there enough fully qualified minorities to fill these positions? If not, the question is why? Could it be that minorities are having trouble getting hired, not because of their skills, but because of the color of their skin?

Thus the requirement, while it is unfair seems to be countering another level of unfairness. The fact that quotas have to exist at all is a reflection of the systemic bias in the system that affects minorities.

Sounds like you didn’t get the job because, and I quote:

“Just after I got my BS in accounting”.

Maybe he liked you and wanted you to feel better about not getting hired and he came up with that story?

I got a job in the same company later in a different division.

Replication crisis, it didn’t repeat in this far more recent study:

I’ve seen a German study posit that there was an issue with a lack of standardization in the resumes in the 2005 study. They showed it was possible to eliminate most of the difference in similar studies on Arab populations in Sweden, where the difference in names is even more stark.

That concerns arresting charges, not what was brought to trial, and there’s plenty of dynamics that are lost there, from the behavior of the client, to the quality of the defense attorney.

Equally, geographical inequality; certain districts over promote harsh sentencing, or arrest in higher rates for crimes that are associated with longer sentencing. African Americans disproportionately live in those places, like Washington D.C.

This applies to every one of those last 4.

Not crazy, but you are studying artifacts. The best you could do is say “but the sentencing is harsh in these particular locations because black people live there, hence lack of empathy, hence discrimination”, and I can fire back “but the leadership who instituted or carry out these laws are overwhelming African-American and have been for decades.”

“But structural racism!”

shrug Then it’s not bias, even if that’s true. It’s administrators who didn’t update their practices.

You’re not controlling for anything, let alone academic qualifications, so you’re not answering Send’s comment here.

It’s no surprise that the Black income numbers are lower. They are dragged down by the Blacks with few qualifications and low incomes. If you compare numbers for Blacks with the qualifications, the numbers would be a lot closer.

Why are there so many Blacks with poor qualifications? Part of the answer comes from the home where parents don’t push their kids to get a good education. Another part is the crappy intercity schools they are forced to attend. As my mother, who was an elementary school teacher used to say, “There is nothing wrong with their heads.” The intelligence levels are quite similar, although there could be cultural problems with the test questions.

Some Democrats do what they can to keep Blacks angry and uneducated. What if the teachers unions perpetuate low education levels? It keeps Blacks on the Democrat plantation where they will continue to be dependent and supportive of the Democrat Party. Black upward mobility works against the Democrat Party strategy.

If you were Black and had the academic qualifications, you were set for getting the job. If you were good at your job, you got ahead quickly.

I responded to a generalized statement with a generalized answer. Seems if he were right, then the per-capita income gap would have closed, no?

It wasn’t generalized though? He put in academic qualifications as the goalpost, and it wasn’t what they were being paid, it’s whether you get the job you’re applying for.

Yeah only white peoples get ahead in this racist hell hole.

@gutsandcasca, that’s right. What the squad, led by AOC and Omar want is a socialist system where NOBODY gets ahead except for the elite people in government, like them.

He said:

“if were good at your job, you got ahead quickly.”

The numbers I posted seem to show blacks aren’t “getting ahead quickly”. Unless you and I have different ideas of what “getting ahead” means.

So either:

  1. Minorities aren’t good at their jobs, despite his claim that all it took to get a job was have qualifications.

  2. Minorities aren’t as good as whites at the same job for… Reasons

  3. Most minorities hired aren’t qualified for the jobs they are hired for which would explain why they make less.

Here’s a list by educational attainment for 25-34 year olds. By any education level, black people make less. My point is that “getting ahead quickly” means something different to Send than it does to me.

Omg are gay people getting ahead? How about people from Ecuador? No? Well first off f—- trump because it’s his fault