Rachael Levine PA Department of Health

Did you see this poor woman last week standing there with Governor Tom Wolf (D).

I thought at the time, ‘something is not right here’. and so hard on the eyes too.

Well. Rachael was born Richard and transitioned about 2011. I guess some guys want to wear days of the week panties so bad that they will settle for being an ugly woman.

Why do americans allow people with obvious mental problems into these positions of power. I realize demo’rats do not have the capacity to discern mental illness among their own but DAYAM.

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That’s not a “woman” standing with Governor Wolf. It’s a guy pretending to be a woman…period. Calling yourself female doesn’t make you female and calling yourself male doesn’t make you male either. You are what you were when you were born. How you “feel” about yourself changes NOTHING insofar as your sexual identity is concerned. These people have mental problems and should be treated as if they were screwed up, not patted on the back and have society affirm their delusions.


Homosexuality and “transgenderism” were both listed in the APA (American Psychological Association) as a mental illness for decades–until the 60’s hippies started moving into political circles and with enough public wailing and gnashing of teeth, got both of those diagnoses removed.

And you are correct about the idiocy of transgenderism. If one of those transgender people stop taking their hormones, guess what? They will revert back to their original gender when they were born. It’s all so creepy to me.