One line, define “racism,” and then let’s talk about it.


From dictionary.com, emphasis mine:

a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.

I consider the bolded parts the essence of racism. Everything else is the window dressing onit.


Acting upon a belief for or against a particular ethnic group or groups based on their ethnicity as opposed to their individual actions.

Example: Affirmative Action is Institutionalized Racism
Example: Jim Crow laws were Institutionalized Racism
Example: Virtually everything said or done by social justice warriors is Racist.

Imagine that I just dropped the mic and walked away :wink:


A SJW would argue "No, you forgot “power” ".

Funny though… I never saw any call (then) D.C. Mayor Marion Barry racist, even when he was intentionally talking on going after “Dirty Chinese Shops.”

They instead built a statue to him.


Something practiced only by white conservatives! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Like any complicated social phenomenon, it can’t really be captured well in a one-liner. I would just say that conservatives tend to use popular definitions of the word in bad faith to minimize actual racism. For example, conservatives like to talk about “reverse racism,” which is rather like when the left calls things Trump is doing “concentration camps” or “holocausts.”

Just like Jews often become rightfully upset when words like this are used in bad faith for events that aren’t in any way morally comparable, people of color have every right to be offended when white people cry that they are victims of “racism” because of social programs meant to alleviate hundreds of years of theft, murder, and plunder by whites against blacks (i.e. Affirmative Action).

If we were to try to rank the most pathetic and morally clueless of the most commonly seen tropes in American political life, white conservatives complaining that people of color whine about racism too much, while in the same breath moaning about “reverse racism” against white people, has to rank in the top 3.


Okay, my eyes are on you. You challenged me to site when you post the positions of a liberal, and here is case #1. How long is affirmative action supposed to last to make up for “hundreds of years of murder, theft and plunder by whites against blacks?”

Why should those who never practiced racism have to pay for the sins of past generations of white people for their entire lives? Why should those who never experienced racism get to collect for what happened to past generations for their entire lives? When does it end? Is it a permanent program that will forever be used penalize those who were never guilty of discrimination? Why is that not racism?

Should people like Elizabeth Warren, who lied about her status as a Cherokee Indian pay a penalty for that? Should she be allowed “to job the system” and benefit from that?

I am retired, and I am almost 70 years old. When I took my first job interviews after graduating from college in 1971, a recruiter to me that I didn’t get the job because I was white. Later in the 1980s my career was slowed because women had to be promoted first to make up for “years of discrimination.” Interestingly the older women, who might well have been discriminated against in the past, didn’t get a lot of the special treatment. Younger woman, “wagged their tails in the bosses’ face” got the benefits from filling the quotas. Should my sons continue to have to pay for this liberal program? I ask again, when does it end?

Affirmative Action is one more program that the Democrat Party has used to get votes. It is their way to stay in power. When it continues for decades, it is nothing but racism.


It’s not just whites, it’s also Asians:

This is racial discrimination, and it punishes people for not being the correct race. How college admission directors have started to characterize Asians is also eerie (personality scores that appear to just reflect their race), if you’ve been paying attention to it.


Actually, I challenged you to demonstrate where I hold positions incompatible with libertarian notions of small government. Being anti-racism is compatible with small government principles.

At any rate, my point isn’t that Affirmative Action is a good program or that it succeeds in its goals. My point is that it’s pathetic when white people complain that we talk too much about racism against blacks while in the same breath whining that programs like Affirmative Action are “racist” against white people.

I’m not opposed in theory to government attempts to provide redress of the hundreds of years of rape, murder, and plunder of black people by white people and the state they created. This would be a just outcome. In practice, however, states tend to be extremely bad at bringing about social justice, which leads me to be skeptical of such attempts.


What your meme fails to understand and acknowledge is that there’s not a racial or ethnic group on the entire PLANET that hasn’t been subjected to slavery and all the “years of rape, murder and plunder” that you find so terrible about how black people were treated in the Western Hemisphere. It also fails to acknowledge that blacks from Africa were NOT enslaved by white people. They were enslaved by other blacks and SOLD to Arab slave traders who in turn sold them to white slavers for transport to the New World. My own black foster son used to tell me, “Thank God my several-times great-grandfather couldn’t outrun those slavers.”


Every Racist in history has justified their Racism by claiming the ethnic group they are attacking “deserves it” and the ethnic group they are propping up “deserves it”; how is your justification any different?


Quite literally what the Germans were doing.

Uplifting a victimhood mentality, weakens critical thinking, and empowers the mindset that everything would be better, if “x” wasn’t getting in the way. They turn “x” into a scapegoat.


Stop that; you’re making me agree with you…


There’s “quite literally” no analogy at all between “What the [Nazis] were doing” and the struggle by black Americans to get white people to stop enslaving, murdering, and stealing from them.

Just for the record, anyone who is opposed in principle to the idea that white people and the awful government we created owe black people for hundreds of years (and still ongoing) oppression, murder, and racism, has no right at all to call themselves a libertarian. The immorality and inhumanity is just…un-f’n-believable.


That’s not what the Black panther types are doing. That’s not what the “protesters” on the Evergreen State campus were doing.

Their stated goal, as brought forward by Bret Weinstein, is to flip the table; to create a hierarchy based on race with white people at the bottom.

The victimhood mentality is deadly; it doesn’t matter if you have a legitimate reason for it or not. The effect, as studied by psychologists, is always toxic. Both on the individual and societal level.


Oh, please.


Alaska, pick any plausible liberal theory of justified political rebellion—Locke, Burke, Rousseau—whatever you want. Any halfway sensible reading of that theory will conclude that Black Americans are at least as justified in rebelling against American government, and the whites who oppressed them, as were the American colonists from Great Britain.

Comparing an oppressed minority rising up against their oppressors to Nazi oppressors is laughable and disgusting.


It’s not about rebelling, I’m not ranting against the Harper’s Ferry incident or Muhammad Ali’s objection to serving. It’s about toting an ideology of supremacy.

Sorry, but either you’re lying to me, or you just don’t know. Go read/watch Bret Weinstein, go read former Black Panthers like Eldridge Cleaver. I’m not exaggerating here.


And I don’t care. You don’t enslave a people for hundreds of years, treating them literally like animals, stripping away their identities, culture, rights, and property, and then expect your finger wagging to be taken seriously when that people come up with brutal rebellion ideologies against the government and people who treated them like animals. The fact that you don’t see a fundamental difference between the Black Panthers and the Nazis demonstrates either your bad faith, moral incompetence, or both.


That you don’t know the history.

The most loyal members of the SS, didn’t come from Germany. Hitler’s fixation on “Lebensraum”, wasn’t simply to give Germans, in Germany, room to grow.

Germans living in other parts of Europe were victimized, and were stripped of their culture, whether it’s the subjugation of the Volga Germans, the loss of Königsberg, or their losses after WWI. The people “left behind” in each case spoke to German people the same way that Ethnic Russians get treated in the Ukraine, speaks to Russians in Russia.

It’s the stage that has been going in Europe for centuries, and what’s happened in the Ukraine or the Balklands are just the latest examples. It’s why Europe has been embroiled in war for most of its history, and that the latter half of the 20th century is such a rare reprieve that the EU desperately holds onto.

Yeah, I can make this comparison. Minority builds toxic supremacy ideology, because they were suddenly subjugated & mistreated by someone else. Tribalism is as Tribalism does.

The difference is in capabilities, and degrees, not kind.