He got one thing right: I did mix up my wording. Douglass was making comparisons, he didn’t call them the same. I also quoted from My Bondage and My Freedom, when I should have stuck to his later work.

But Anderson was acting as if they weren’t comparable, which is untrue. Even Douglass would be wrong to suggest that the Irish were always free to roam, or owners of themselves. They had to fight for that.

He’s also pretending that whites are the only ones complaining about affirmative action, when, as my video showed, Asians and Indians are also injured by it.

It’s pathological policy, buttressing pathological thinking. There’s no reason we should tolerate it. It’s making victims of people who have also been victimized. That blacks may have suffered disproportionately, doesn’t serve as a defense of the policy, nor as a way to dissuade complaints of the people it injures.




C’mon, Slim; we’ve been here and done this before. You can tell him he’s posting crap, but stay in the rules.

We’ve noticed…

If we backed up from all of yours, we’d spend the rest of our lives in reverse…

Like I said to Slim above: Cool it with the accusations of lying.

No, an apt comparison only different in scale and opportunity.

Not likely; you’re still here, aren’t you?


J., so being skeptical of a state solution, what method do you believe will repair the injustice? How do you intend to pay for your solution?

What responsibility do people who measure a man by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin have to solve this problem? Since the end of slavery and the end of segregation, a number of folks of numerous races have fallen on hard times themselves, experiencing generational poverty and its attendant problems, lacking basic requirements and drug addiction. What responsibility do these “privileged” white trash and others have to pay for the sins of possibly wealthy forefathers? Given that nearly all of us of various coloration are descended somewhere along the way from rich and poor, oppressed and unoppressed, what is the justification for forking out some cash?

Are you personally responsible and required to payback the oppressed?


His pays his share of the responsibility in lip service, demonizing people whose only crime is being born white.


Good questions; I’d like to see SPECIFIC answers posted by Anderson.


And I’d like a pet dragon…




Just curious: Why do people even care if someone else is racist? Silly question (?) but think about it: I am white. If I have a black neighbor who hates white people, why should I care? He does not affect my life one tiny bit. What or who someone likes or does not like does not affect my life at all. If someone wants to prefer their own race over another, I say, go ahead. I don’t care.I won’t hangout with you and you won’t hangout with me and I will go on living my daily life. Let someone be a racist, whatever that means these days. Liberals have used the word so much that it barely means anything at all anyways.