Racist Rock

Anyone else sick of this $#!+?

University Of Wisconsin Moves Racist Rock To Pacify Black Student Union

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The University of Wisconsin removed a large boulder from its Madison campus on Friday at the request of minority students who view the rock as a symbol of racism.

These people will throw any thing on the wall to get attention. If sticks, they win. If it doesn’t they look for the next farcical complaint. They are children. The only way to end this is to ignore them.


i want to know who ponied up the 50 grand to do this. I wouldn’t waste a single penny donating to having a racist rock removed; whoever paid for this no matter how little they pitched in is exactly what the democrats want everyone to be like.

Complete and total morons. People who can add 1+1 but have no idea why or when it could be used.


This reminds of a moron African-American who called for a Lincoln statue, which was erected in Boston in the 1870s, to be torn down because it showed a former slave kneeling in front of Lincoln. He said it has “always bothered him.”

If it had not been for Lincoln, the southern states would have probably been able to secede from the Union, and his ancestors would have been in slavery for another 20 years at least. I imagine that the statue is probably gone now with a pedestal standing with nothing on top of it. I hope that made him happy.

Now he can go after the George Washington equestrian statue that is in the Boston Public Garden. Washington did own slaves after all. While he’s at it, he can go after the statue of Frederick Law Olmsted who designed the Public Garden. He didn’t own any slaves, but he looks like he might have since he was born in 1822.

The statue of Caesar Rodney, who rode his horse in a rainstorm to cast the deciding vote in the Delaware delegation to the Continental Congress for independence, is also gone from Rodney Square in Wilmington, Delaware. It used to be one of the landmarks for the state and was on the 1999 Delaware Quarter. But he owned some slaves on his Dover, Delaware plantation in the 1770s, so it had to go.


The children and the morons are now in charge of the country. What they say goes. Other people’s opinions, based on historical facts, don’t matter. It all about their “wokeness.”


When the race hucksters have succeeded in removing, erasing, rewriting and destroying every reminder of slavery anywhere, there will be no remaining proof that there ever was slavery. At that point, others could rewrite history and claim there never was any slavery.

I wonder if the race hucksters have thought of that and realize it’s not to their advantage.

It won’t matter to them, because they will have achieved (or failed to, when they find out that they are no longer useful idiots to their overlords) their goal of despotic power; then it won’t matter what the peasants think or know.

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The goal of this movement is to erase our history and culture. The beneficiaries are the leaders of the far left movement who will be in control holding all of the power and enjoying almost all of the assets.

I wonder how many people in Venezuela remember when it was an oil rich nation with a growing middle class? It was once the envy of South America. Now it is an economic basket case with a few at the top enjoying what goods the nation has.

That was not the goal, but it is the result of socialist policies, and the leadership is not about to change it so long as they are on top. In our country, AOC and the squad could be where Nickolas Madero is now. Don’t laugh. Madero is probably no brighter than AOC. Once you get control of the police and can jail or execute your political opponents, you can be as dumb as AOC and run a country.

Nancy Pelosi is now opening branches of the Capital Police outside of Washington, DC. in California and Florida. Why is she doing that when their job is to protect the U.S. Capitol? The answer is that there are transparency limits on how much we can find out about the Capital Police activities. Pelosi claims that the events of January 6 were an outcropping of a far right revolutionary movement. She needs her secret police to keep tabs on it.

I am not making this up. CBS News is reporting it.

Yep. At that point, slavery will be just like the Bible. The fact that it’s written is proof that it never happened.

Oh lord. sigh reminds me of prominent anti-police lefties who insist on having police to guard them.

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You must destroy history so your twisted version stands alone.

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The Royal African Company

Chartered by Charles II in 1672 and headed by his brother the Duke of York for more than two decades, the Royal African Company held a monopoly on trade with Africa which included gold, silver and slaves.

From 1680-86, the company transported an average of 5,000 slaves per year, most of which were shipped to colonies in the Caribbean and Virginia.

Thousands of slaves arrived in the New World with the company’s initials branded on their chests.

Why did I think it important to post this very short history of a company that probably few have ever heard of?

New York!

Since the Virtue Signalers are demanding that everything that is offensive to blacks be torn down or renamed … why not start with New York?

After all, New York was named after the great Trader of African Slaves, the head of The Royal African Company … King James II, also known as the Duke of York.

(Heck … The family that owns the New York Times were slaveholders!)

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I agree we should burn down New York first

Many decedents of slaves were trying to do that during the summer of 2020. Maybe they were on something.


Perhaps that’s what Mayor Bill de Blasio’s policies were designed to do.

Since 2010, New York has lost 1.4 million people; in the past year the number is over 100,000, the largest population decline of any state.

… New York is tied with Pennsylvania for allowing the largest percentage of small businesses – 31 percent – to go under over the past year.

The Hill


It would seem that people are running away from states that are pushing socialist policies. The trouble is, the monstrous government in Washington is bound and determined to make socialism the national policy. There is no escaping that.

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And it’s working through brainwashing from the media and schools.

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Yes, the Democrats own almost all of the media and control the schools. Some of the parents have woken up to the fact that the public schools are little more than indoctrination centers, but it’s probably too late. Most of the teachers are programmed. via their college educations.

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I’m not saying we should roll over. But I believe resistance is futile, even though I will continue to personally resist.

We should never give up. Even if the socialists win now, it won’t last for ever. People will rise up somewhere, and the fight for freedom will go on.

It’s simply disheartening to see 245 years of progress in America and similar periods of time in the western world go by the boards because of poison that the Marxist ideology spreads.

“The Progressives” think they are moving forward, but they are moving backward, and their alignments with the radical Muslims, AOC becoming an ally of Omar and Tlaib is an example, shows that elements of the left are ready to go back to the dark ages of human rights.

The funny part of this is, a great deal of the left wing politics for the leadership is using their influence to get rich and powerful. They rail against “the fat-cat capitalists,” but they are looking for wealth from a difference source, government power and influence.

Bennie Sanders, the godfather of modern American socialism, and the “chosen one” for so many “Bernie Bros” is a multi-millionaire who owns three houses, including lake front property. He and his wife got rich by working the governmental system. He’s not living in a shack and weaning hair shirts.

Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and even Joe Biden have gotten “filthy rich” by working the government system. The Clinton and Biden crime families have gotten wealthy from government influence peddling. They live in estates that far outstrip what the average middle class American can afford, forget about the poor.

Even one of “greatest presidents ever,” “King Barack Obama,” has a summer home on Martha’s Vineyard that looks like something Robin Leach would have covered years ago for “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” I’m not saying these people should not work to earn such wealth, but their political messages are full of hypocrisy.

Yet, these people are loadstars for young people and the socialists who believe in “true equality” for assets and income. It’s ironic, but shows how these people are so easily fooled by the “get something for nothing” politics. It also shows how the young people, who vote for this, have not examined the conduct of the people they admire.


BOTTOM UP: Local school boards.

TOP DOWN: Elect Congress/President who will cut off federal funds from ANY educational institutions promoting and teaching CRT, 1619 Project and BLM.

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