Radio Station Yanks Football Broadcast over Anti-American Protest


Jeff Andrulonis was broadcasting on WFAY in Fayetteville, North Carolina the day the twin towers fell – the day Muslim terrorists attacked our nation.
Jeff is the chairman of Colonial Media, a company that owns 17 radio stations in mostly small towns – like Fayetteville.

Not too long after the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, Jeff decided to begin a new tradition. He directed all of his radio stations to play the Star-Spangled Banner every day at noon.
It’s a heart-felt tradition that continues to this day.

A few days ago Jeff read my column about how several members of the East Carolina University Marching Band desecrated the National Anthem on Oct. 1st.
Some members refused to play while others took a knee of the football field. Outraged fans pelted the band with a chorus of boos. Security was summoned to escort the band out of the stadium.
The band’s director later apologized – but the taxpayer-funded university’s chancellor defended the students.
And that made Jeff angry – especially seeing how he broadcast the ECU football games on WFAY in Fayetteville.
“We are a small station in a small town and quite a few of my team members at WFAY are Army wives and several of them have husbands who are currently overseas,” he said.
Fayetteville is home to Fort Bragg – known as one of the most military-friendly towns in the nation.
“It got me thinking about how local radio and local radio stations should be responsive to their local communities,” Jeff said.
So he decided the only proper response to the shameful behavior of the ECU Marching Band – was to** yank the upcoming football game broadcast.**
**And that’s exactly what he did.

**Radio Station Yanks Football Broadcast over Anti-American Protest

All I can say is more places need to show their disdain for such behavior of anti-Americanism,

I have read the NFL is feeling the results of standing up for the anti-Americanisn of some of its players.


Look, liberty works all ways. That’s the beauty of it. There are far too many who have risked their lives, seen their sons and daughters die in defense of these rights for this to be an acceptable, and dare I say, a productive and effective means of protest. I would believe that the minimum level of respect patriots would expect is standing for the anthem and not desecrating the flag.

Ratings are down bigtime in the NFL through the first 4 weeks, this is no surprise. If other copycats want to follow that path, I imagine the same negative results will follow them.


Any moron making the league minimum of a quarter-million per year should not only stand, but salute and even venerate the American flag…or seek other employment…immediately. I’m finished with these over-paid, value-less, prima donnas.


Although this post isn’t about the NFL, in regards to the NFL tv ratings, almost every article I read the author points to any other reason but the protests. They are minimizing the impact these protests have had, yet, when you read he comments section of these articles overwhelmingly the people who suggest they have stopped watching are citing the anti-patriot protests display as the reason. they aren’t watching What’s worse, the biggest loss of viewers have come from the age group 18-34, this is the demographic advertisers reach out to.

I think too many are in disbelief that so many people are as patriotic as they are. Football is as American as apple pie, when you bring politics into such a cherished past time, and it is done in a tasteless manner, you had better be prepared for the backlash.

Once owners revenues and players salaries are impacted, they will quickly try and recover. How many will they have lost before then and not bring back into the sport is anyones guess.


In a way, this is GOOD. We’re getting a feel for how stupid, how malleable, how uninformed are these playboy millionaires. Given that they have the OPTION to honor the Anthem, they choose not to - and show us all what ingrates and imbeciles and tools they are.

I’m for letting this go. The cost, paid for in the marketplace by consumer-goods companies and passed on to us, of these persons with their very-limited skills…it far exceeds their entertainment value.

Save some serious money - cut the cable; turn off the idiot box, and rediscover other family leisures and activities.