Rand Paul Grills Clinton on Benghazi: I Would Have Relieved You Of Your Post


Wow, Rand did amazing. He absolutely destroyed that evil hag. Can’t wait for 2016!!!


Amazing eh? Entertaining sure. I’ll agree when charges are filed, or the impeachement proceedings take place. Other than that, it was just a dog and pony show.

This will be portrayed as “Rand is a hateful mysoginistic Right Wing Crazy that shouldn’t be supported by anyone with common sense” or something similar.


Well, at least one Repub showed up with the huevos to say the obvious to Hillary’s face and do it in front of the nation. Clinton’s apparent indignation and response regarding a question seeking to really hold members of the administration responsible/accountable - “What difference does it make now, we have 4 Americans killed?” - What a complete disgrace. In other words, we lied, but what difference does it make now? This was perhaps the most outrageously disgraceful statement I have ever heard in my life.

Rand Paul in 2016 begins to look pretty damn good!!


I just want you to know that your post sounds very racist.:rofl:


Thanks, JS - I needed that!! LMAO


I don’t know much about Rand Paul, but I have to say that his public statement to the Hag of State impressed me greatly.




The media gave more attention to Clinton falling down than they did Benghazi.

TMZ politics.


Rush summed this up yesterday with his usual dead on analysis.

RUSH: “I’m above being held accountable,” Mrs. Clinton thinks. “Who are you to be questioning me? Don’t you understand what’s going on here? The purpose of this is to make me look good.”


Doesn’t “huevos” mean eggs?


If you must know, follow the link. Warning though, the Urban Dictionary is not very PC at times.
Urban Dictionary: huevos


I think he means (ahem! I don’t usually use such terms) “cojones.” Maybe it is a “bowdlerized” version of the term.


**OooooooKaaaaaay…Got the picture! :awkward: **I checked out the urban dictionary. Good Lord! When did THAT happen???


Maybe 10 years ago lol


Thanks, tperkins…that made me feel like a complete nincompoop… :Thud: LOL!


Hillary Clinton didn’t answer a single question, not one!
She was coached very well by professionals. That’s why it took four months for her to show up. Once again the Republicans got their head handed to them.


Don’t let it. You wouldn’t know to look for it unless the need arose.


There were so many questions left completely unasked. For example, she was quick to verbally offer, “I take responsibility . . .” She should have been asked that if she truly took responsibility, given the attack and killings in Benghazi occured** in her Department **and on her watch, then why didn’t she step forward to provide the facts/truth to the American people rather than stand by and allow Susan Rice to spread a narrative she, Hillary Clinton, knew to be nothing but caca. (caca being fecal matter - “do do”). But, really, the list of important questions not asked is so very long . . .

One problem with the questioning concerned the lack of focus. Repubs asked 3 or 4 questions at a time instead of asking one very specific question. This practice allowed her to pick which one of the 3 or 4 questions she chose to answer. And, quite often, she provided an “answer” to a question not asked.

I sensed we were in trouble when conservative Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn) started his questioning by fawning over the number of miles she had flown as Sec of State and the number of meetings in which she had participated. Too bad he didn’t point out that as Sec Of State merely racking up a record number of “frequent flyer miles” and dinners with foreign dignitaries doesn’t automatically equate to success in the job. In short, ACTIVITY and EFFECTIVENESS are NOT one-in-the-same. And, clearly/objectively, the Middle East and north Africa are in far WORSE shape now and al Queda is arguably STRONGER and BOLDER now over a broader area than when she took over the State Dept. And, for the first time in 3+ decades we had an ambassador killed, along with 3 other Americans - and it was AVOIDABLE.

The media isn’t going to point this out. Apparently, neither are the Repubs. As a group, if there is a more politically dysfunctional/tone deaf bunch than these Repubs I have yet to discover it.