Rand Paul on CNBC's Squawk Box - September 29, 2012


I’m so looking forward to a Rand/Cuccinelli 2016 ticket :slight_smile:


Rather unlikely…but you’re gonna have to wait till 2020 anyway!


Oh, My Lord!! Shades of Chris Matthews.


Why 2020? Romney ain’t gonna win.


If he doesn’t there ain’t gonna be a 2016 election. Game over.


As if there’s really one now…Romney and Obama, not much of a choice, not much of a difference between the two.



Hmm, we think alike. I have also speculated that they will run together.


I highly doubt Cuccinelli will run for vice-president after not even completing a full term as Governor, especially in a state as important as Virginia. Also, I highly doubt that if Rand receives the GOP nomination, he’ll go with another conservative. I expect he’ll pick a moderate to balance the ticket - maybe someone like Jeb Bush, Tim Pawlenty, John Kasich - probably still someone who’s served office in the executive branch. Rand doesn’t need anyone else to get the social conservative vote, despite his self description as “socially tolerant”.


Cuccinelli wouldn’t have to resign even if he ran on the VP ticket.

Rand picking Jeb Bush or Pawlenty?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


I don’t agree at all. He doesn’t surround himself with those people, and he wouldn’t work well with them. Cucinelli is known for his social conservatism, but he makes his name on constitutional issues.


He would have to resign if Rand won the election.


Well, McCain didn’t exactly surround himself with Palin-type people either. A VP doesn’t really do anything, it just backs up the president. Rand and McConnell (dunno if you consider him a moderate or not) get on quite well.

Goldwater chose a moderate, Reagan chose a moderate, why wouldn’t Paul?