Rand Paul poses important questions on Obama and Libya


It slipped my mind about how huge the Iraq embassy is. Frankly, it is probably too big, but Libya was too small obviously.



I have some questions and you get presidential candidates up here, so I want you to ask the President this when he comes up here: Where the hell were the Marines? In Libya, where were the Marines? There were no uniformed Marines guarding our ambassador? Where do you think the most dangerous embassy in the world is? It’s got to be Libya or Iraq.
In Iraq, I think they’ve got 17,000 people guarding the ambassador. They’re not all Marines, but there’s probably several hundred Marines, but there’s a host of armed people guarding the ambassador. We have a fortress guarding the ambassador there. We didn’t have any uniformed Marines? There was personnel, a 16-person security team. If the President comes up here, ask him: Why in the hell did you send them home? They specifically requested to stay.
Col. Wood, who is head of the security team, says he sent the cables: I want to stay in Libya because it’s unsafe and the ambassador is unsafe.
The President says the buck stops here, ask him where in the hell were the Marines? Ask him, where the hell was that 16-person security team?
And then finally ask him: What happened to the plane? There was a DC-3 there supposed to be able to help people out of the country or to move about the country, they took their plane. They took their plane on May 4 of this year. You know what happened on May 8 of this year, four days later? The State Department spent $108,000 buying a new electrical charging station to green up the Vienna embassy.
So you have to ask yourself, is the green initiative, is the global warming campaign, more important than the security of an embassy? Greening up the Vienna Embassy. You know, the electric car, it’s subsidized $250,000 per car. We probably spent $1 million to buy these electric cars to make a political statement in Vienna. We spent $100,000 for an electrical charging station to show off how green we were, but we wouldn’t have one Marine guarding our embassy, we wouldn’t allow 16 personnel to stay in Libya, we wouldn’t allow them a plane, but we’ve got enough money to make a show of a very politicized agenda by the President. I think it’s inexcusable and if he says the buck stops here, someone should be fired.


Can’t wait for him to run in 2016!!!


I hope not. I would rather see him run in 2020.


OH MY LORD!!! Please lets stay in the present. Ron paul or Rand paul, unless they deal with the real world, they go nowhere. I am so SICK of hearing about the paul duo, ----tell me do you get that special 'tingle ’ down your leg for them?


2016 will be an open primary in the GOP and there won’t be an incumbent Democrat in office.


Care to point out some other politicians who follow the Constitution and have a penchant for great comments?

While I would prefer there were more, and there are a handful actually, unfortunately we do not have that situation now. Most Republicans in office are straight partisans, and that’s it.


How about getting rid of that word “other”?


[quote=“Susanna, post:8, topic:36725”]
How about getting rid of that word “other”?


You know very well why.


huh? Ron Paul is as corrupt as the rest!!! He does not follow the constitution. What do you think the founders would say about him giving his family jobs and salaries in the gov’t through campaign donations. Frankly I don’t get how sitting in a seat for thirty years and voting no on everything but a few pork earmarks for his district receives nationwide admiration. You guys are walking contradictions.


Slow down.

When does he vote against the Constitution?

What jobs did he give his family in the government?

When he voted no, he voted against bills that violated the Constitution.

Earmarks are not new money, it is already budgeted and allows the Congress to designate the money rather than the President.

Who is walking contradictions?


He still spent the money!!! Oh yea and he also has an unconstitutional super pac.!!!

His family works on his campaign!


I knew I couldn’t be challenged on the other points.

Actually, he voted against the money, but he said he would rather say where it goes as opposed to the President.

Candidates cannot be involved with SuperPacs. He does have a personal PAC for supporting candidates of his choice. You can see the expenses: Liberty PAC (Ron Paul) Summary | OpenSecrets

SuperPacs are not unConstitutional. First Amendment, and Congress has no authority to outlaw them.

His family works on his campaign, so what? Jesse Benton, his son in law, is an able campaign manager who managed Rand Paul to a victory in 2010, and is now Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager. You can hire who you want for your campaign, and you have to hire competent people or else you hurt yourself.


1, So what he still spent the money. You can’t defend that.
2. lolz that’s what all candidates. Looks like you trust the gov’t now!
3. Well in my opinion they are. Even if the law says so otherwise. I believe obamacare is unconstitutional but the law says its not… I’m not going to get into it with you.


Except he doesn’t. He just says where it goes.

  1. lolz that’s what all candidates. Looks like you trust the gov’t now!

Huh? I didn’t write the law, Ron Paul didn’t. But unless he wants to go to jail he follows it.

  1. Well in my opinion they are. Even if the law says so otherwise. I believe obamacare is unconstitutional but the law says its not… I’m not going to get into it with you.

Why not get into it? All you have to do it point out what part of the Constitution would make them unConstitutional.

  1. You are trying too hard to defend this guy. He uses the money and gives it to his family and flies around in private jets to give speeches. He lives his fancy lifestyle based on the donations you give him!!! He’s no better than Al Gore!!!

  2. lolz. OMG. He doesn’t need a super pac, but says he’s against them, and uses them anyway!!!

Hypocrite. Just like Al Gore!


No, he doesn’t use earmark money for his family or campaigning.

Now, campaign money is given with full concent of the donors who completely agree with what he does.

Have something against private jets? Unlike Al Gore, Paul doesn’t crusade against carbon ommissions.

  1. lolz. OMG. He doesn’t need a super pac, but says he’s against them, and uses them anyway!!!

Hypocrite. Just like Al Gore!

Ron Paul isn’t against SuperPacs. He believes money is free speech.

Your getting demolished dude.

  1. Never said earmarks. I’m talking about campaign donations lolz. Get your quotes straight.
  2. I Don’t care how you spin it. It’s still corruption.
  3. He does crusade around the country nonetheless. He is a hypocrite like Al Gore. It has nothing to do with whatever they both believe in. Their scam is the same. Tho more people care about AL Gore’s. Maybe he’s better at it. Funny how it’s not mentioned in this political race.
  4. If he does believe that that’s even crazier what with all libertarians declaring that they will end political corruption if Ron Paul is elected lolz.
  5. Only Children feel the need to claim that they are winning a debate when they are clearly not.

Ron Paul is a hypocrite and his followers are even worse. Ron Paul’s name is not going to be on the ballot in many states. So what do the Paulites do? They jump onto the Gary Johnson train. Now, what do the libertarians always tell me? They tell me, that if I support a candidate I should do it because I agree with the stuff they believe in. Well, Mitt Romney is that man for me. Yet, Paul supporters jump on the Gary Johnson train just because he is a Libertarian. I see increasing support for Gary Johnson just because someone wants to vote for a guy with the L in front of his name.

The tides are turned the Paulbots jumped ship over the summer when Gary Johnson started going around and giving speeches.


Say, did you hear about the Paul duo? Seriously, though, this is in the present. The thread is about a current U.S. Senator asking serious questions about the president’s foreign policy regarding Libya.

As far as the tingle, not any more than the one you get for Romney, the status quo, and the gop establishment.