Rand Paul proposes ban on immigration from over 30 countries


From Hannity last night. Rand proposed this a good while before Trump decided we should ban all Muslims. Of course, it didn’t get the same media attention.

At the end of the day, this is much more effective. Asking someone whether they are a Muslim is not going to cut it.


So, they’d just go through other countries. The “primary” Muslim countries aren’t the only places that there are rabid Muslims. And many would probably fake documents, too.


As it stands now, any Moslem holding a passport from a “visa waiver” nation undergoes no vetting whatsoever. Almost all of Europe falls under the visa waiver program.


Trump is right, the issue we face is not from any specific country but from those who embrace a religious commitment to murder anyone who will not submit to their beliefs. Paul’s “solution” would do nothing more than create a technical hindrance with an easy work around.