Rand Paul Suspends Campaign


Kentucky Senator Rand Paul ® announced on Wednesday morning that he will be suspending his campaign for president following his fifth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses.

Hopefully this will stop those who want to put a Paul in. Next they will be asking us to vote in the children


I for one liked Paul; but he didn’t do himself any favors by flip-flopping on issues which caused him to lose his momentum.

Rand Paul dropping out of presidential race - CNNPolitics.com


IMO, he was a waste of space in a crowded stage. He had absolutely no chance. Even his daddy’s rabid fanboys were split on him.


It’s unfortunate that Libertarians cannot win the Whitehouse, probably never will unfortunately. At least he took the honourable action and dropped out instead of keeping his name on the ballot. That shows that he cares enough about America, unlike a few also-rans.

I’m not sure where the Rand Paul votes will go to, but I’m pretty sure they won’t be going to Trump.


The less smart half will go to Bernie, the smarter half will go to Cruz.


This is the best decision for him at this point. He can’t win and needs to stay in the Senate. It’s unfortunate that so many GOP voters prefer rhetoric and emotion over ideology and principle.

No Rand supporters will go to Bernie. One reason he got little support was that a lot of his dad’s supporters were only for him to buck the system, and they are already supporting Bernie and Trump.

Many of Rand’s supporters (like me) will go to Cruz, others I believe will sit the primary out.


If Rand Paul, who got in fifth place is suspending his campaign, then Christie, Bush, and Santorum have no reason to continue.


Unfortunately, you might have a misconception of the general supporter. I personally know several Ron Paul supporters who supported Rand, who also love Bernie. They will be pulling for Bernie. I cannot be the only person who knows people like this. Unfortunately, they are also family, or close friends of family… so I can’t just pretend they don’t exist.


Those people exist, but they aren’t the general supporter.

Although I don’t do it currently, I was recently an admin for the largest (20,000+) Rand Paul group on Facebook. I’m still a member of that group, among others. Right now, I would say the majority of people are saying either no vote/or Libertarian party. But there is also good support for Cruz, and also Ben Carson.


I certainly hope that holds true.


I hope the next president appoints him and his dad to the Fed and to SecTreas.


I’d be perfectly fine with that.


Huckabee drops out and today Paul and Santorum withdraw. It is winnowing down even faster than I thought. I thought they might hang on until after New Hampshire, but Paul needs to return to Kentucky if he wants to hold his Senate seat and Huckabee and Santorum likely dropped out due to what most seeking the nomination drop out for - lack of money. Donors dry up when you track at 1% to 3%.

Now, if the big government twins - Bush and Christie - would oblige by falling on their butts in New Hampshire, well, perhaps we could get on with the nomination. Unfortunately, they will probably stick around at least through South Carolina.


Rand has had some domestic views with which I agree. He got in a little too close with McConnell on some issues for me. His foreign policy wasn’t amongst my faves.


I’m surprised Paul dropped out now, too. He actually over performed in Iowa, relative to his poll numbers, and NH was a stronger state for him. I’m really not sure where his support goes in NH. I’d suspect it leans towards Cruz, but I’d think some of it will probably go over to Trump and Carson.


If any candidate, even my guy Cruz, suggests appointing either Paul (especially Ron) to any position (even dog catcher) then I will remove them from the list of candidates that I would ever vote for.

The enormity of bad judgment that would be displayed by such a decision should render anyone who makes such a decision incompetent and incapable of leadership.


You know people like that? Why?


Santorum flung his endorsement over to Rubio, and got majorly busted in an interview by not being able to come up with one thing that Rubio accomplished as Senator in FL. :rofl:

Now, if the big government twins - Bush and Christie - would oblige by falling on their butts in New Hampshire, well, perhaps we could get on with the nomination. Unfortunately, they will probably stick around at least through South Carolina.

The RNC “twins” are Bush and Rubio. Christie is merely a wannabe, but not to worry, he’ll be toast in due time.
At least in this race, at any rate.
Have no fear, though. He’ll no doubt re-emurge. Don’t blame me if it’s floating face down in the Hudson.


I think you are dead wrong. Monetary policy is where the Rands shine. They suck on military and foreign policy, but by golly they know how the Fed affects devaluing the dollar and how it screws up the whole economy.


They are as clueless on the Federal Reserve and monetary policy as they are on foreign policy