Rand Paul Takes a Shot At Paul Ryan as Leadership Suspense Builds


*Senator Rand Paul took a shot at Paul Ryan last night, just as the former vice presidential candidate was returning to D.C. to decide if he will run for House speaker.

**The Kentucky Republican faulted Ryan for cutting a 2013 deal with then-Senate Budget Committee chair Patty Murray (D., Wash.) that diminished the spending cuts mandated through sequestration. “I don’t get to vote in the House [on] the speaker, so I haven’t been saying much about individuals,” he told reporters during a press call Monday evening. “I will say about the deal a year and a half ago — when we got rid of the spending cuts that were part of the sequester, when a deal was made between Paul Ryan and Patty Murray — that it was a bad deal. I opposed it, and it was really relinquishing the power of the purse and the only good thing that had probably happened in years up here. So, it was a big mistake.”

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