Rand Paul: US Dollars and Soldiers Don't Have to Participate in Every War - CNN 10/10


How I wish the GOP would adopt a sane, conservative foreign policy.

Here’s to hoping Rand runs in 2016.

PS: even if you don’t like Rand, you can watch the video and smile thanks to Erin Burnett :wink:


I wonder if Paul will submit a list of all the places he thinks we should allow the Terrorist’s to operate unopposed?

I suppose it would be a short list, Israel.


The neoconservative foreign policy is simply a death spiral.

The idea is that you go and kill terrorists. But then you end up making people mad enough to become terrorists, then you never leave and neither do the terrorists.

I support going after terrorists on a special operations basis, but if people think an expansive foreign policy will ever solve anything and will not cost us dearly are simply in the death grip of terrorist paranoia.


I think one of the solutions for going after terrorists is issuing Letters of Marque and Reprisal.


[quote=“Jebby, post:4, topic:36530”]
I think one of the solutions for going after terrorists is issuing Letters of Marque and Reprisal.
[/quote]I agree.


That’s a crock o’ baloney. They become terrorists because they have been trained for that from infancy. They are already mad at us just for existing. If any of them are uncertain, they will turn away from being terrorists, not the other way around. And the more we kill, the fewer there are. This nonsense about us attacking them inciting them to more terrorism is just nonsense. They are terrorists, and if we don’t fight them, we effectively are giving up to them - to let them run roughshod over us, and do to us whatever they will. IT’S NOT OUR FAULT!


Do you think an imperialist-like occupation of countries in order to fight said terrorists is an appropriate answer? There are other ways to fight terrorists or defend against them that are cheaper, less lethal, and more effective than outright war and occupation.


The original terrorists wll be terrorists no matter what. However, occupation does breed terrorism.

If another country was occuping my country, I wouldn’t become a terrorist in the sense of killing civilians, but I would fight back. I would probably be labeled a terrorist though. I might even get caught up in the excitement of religious warfare.

Most people don’t have time to go off and plot against America, however they can make time when they are invaded and being threatened.

What we need is a terrorist containment policy, not a terrorist eradication policy. It backfires every time. It would be easy to kill existing terrorists, but the terrorists are reproducing and that is a fact. So, I think a policy of special operations and bounties, as well as shoring up the security of the U.S. homeland, we would be much better off keeping the terrorists at bay as opposed to trying to make sure they do not exist.


You don’t think occupying Afghanistan for 10+ years breeds terrorists?


Terrorists are not patriots.


So…If we “go after Terrorist’s” with Special Forces then we won’t “make more Terrorist’s”…But if we “go after Terrorist’s” via conventional troops and/or modern technology then we “make them mad” and "make more Terrorist’s…Yeah, that is not at all ridiculous.

Kill one thousand of theirs for every one of ours they kill, then we will see how committed they really are.


What do you propose? How many countries would you like to bomb and occupy? How much will that cost? How much money will you borrow from China to pay for that?


Are the Iraqis who fought against US occupation of Iraq terrorists or patriots? What about Afghans who fight against US/NATO forces occupying their country, are they terrorists or patriots?


You’re right, that’s ridiculous. Special forces killing specific people is bound to create just as much unease and hatred compared to occupying countries for years on end.


I want to kill every Terrorist on the globe wherever they are hiding, I want to spend whatever it costs to destroy them and take as much time as is needed to destroy them since that is the Constitutional Mandate.

I would however not mind it one bit if every Liberal surrendered to the Terrorist’s and offered all their property in exchange for mercy, they could show us all their “higher plane” of thinking. Not because I think the Left would learn anything but just to remove all the whiners who wail every time a Terrorist is killed.


lol. The constitution says nothing about meddling in international affairs in order to fight terrorists. Yes, defend against terrorists. Yes, kill them if they are an immediate threat. But terrorists have been an issue forever. There are issues at home we need to take care of rather than going out of our way to engage in wars overseas that are unnecessary. There are ways to defend and fight terrorism that doesn’t require outright war and waste of billions of dollars.


Not if they kill civilians, then they would be terrorists. A terrorist cannot be a patriot; a terrorist is a murderer.

If they are trying to expel a foreign country by fighting directly against them, then they are patriots. If they are avenging the death of family and friends, they are patriots.

We are fighting two groups simultaneously: terrorists and patriots. And when both engage our troops, we can’t tell the difference. Many patriots nullify their status when they become terrorists, hence breeding terrorism.

I’m not siding against our troops either, they signed up to protect our country and instead are being forced to build nations while they are imploding. Its an impossible task.


Its all about limiting presence.

This idea that the populations of nations will welcome occupation with open arms, and go about their business when fighting is taking place in their cities, is what is ridiculous.

Your goal of killing all terrorists is honorable, and impossible. Containment is possible, and that should be the goal.

BTW-On your 1000/1 kill ratio, you will only see them more committed. Would you rather just nuke nations that contain terrorists?


Are you going to fight them?


In their minds they are. It’s important to understand your enemy.