Rand Paul: What do you think of this statement?


I have very little knowledge of Rand Paul or his father and their stand on certain issues. I am skeptical about libertarians because they all seem to have different ideas about certain issues. For me, the abortion issue is the determining factor of whether a candidate gets my vote. (I can hear the howls of disgust by some republicans who think we “so-cons” should be driven out of the republican party tarred and feathered…) Libertarians seem to have a much more varied opinion about this and other social conservative points. Can anyone clarify this for me?

Rand Paul outlines agenda, potential 2016 presidential platform in Reagan Library speech - Washington Times


The Paul’s are 100% pro-life. Both support the idea of “jurisdiction stripping”, which is Congress specifying what federal courts can and cannot rule on. The Constitution allows for restrictions on the courts to be put in place. Essentially, they would have Congress nullify Roe V. Wade.

There is a difference between the two on how to ban abortion. Ron Paul would have it done on the state level, as he believes that is the only Constitutional way. Rand believes it would be Constitutional for the federal government to ban it.

Bottom line: Either way would save millions of babies. The standard Republican hope having the SCOTUS reverse Roe V. Wadeon its own is a pipe dream and it will never happen. Other brances of government must take action.

As for libertarians in general… libertarians look at the issue of abortion from he perspective of individual rights. Pro-life libertarians believe the baby is a person and it’s individual rights must not be violated, while pro-choice libertarians don’t view the baby as a person and believe abortion restrictions infringe on the woman’s rights. This is an issue where libertarians are heavily split on.

Intellectual property is another issue where libertarians are similarily split, with the argument being over “who’s property is it?”


Thanks Bigfoot88. I guess libertarians are as divided as the rest of the republicans and conservatives. It seems like the only political party that is solidly like-minded on all issues are the dems. They are all marxists, basically…some more than others.

I’ve never heard of “intellectual property” before. What does that mean? Does it have to do with the abortion issue?


I was just making an analogy in regards to intellectual property. Basically, it is the debate over whether we should have patents, copyrights, trademarks, etc. and who really owns the property that is being disputed.


Oh, ok. Thanks. Now I understand!


I like Rand Paul, and I have a somewhat negative view on Ron Paul (I hate his foreign policy, LOVE everything else)


Update: I have officially like Ron Paul’s facebook page as of a few days ago…SCANDALOUS :stuck_out_tongue: (I still disagree with Ron on most foreign policy issues, but he’s a genius on economic issues and is a great Pro Lifer.)

I’ve always liked Rand’s fb page, so that’s not shocking to me :stuck_out_tongue:


The most succinct and knowledgeable individual and Libertarian is Mark Levin. He does not buy into isolationism, believes in a robust military from the standpoint of meeting threats to our way of life. He is also an expert on the Constitution, served as Chief of Staff for Attorney General Edwin Meese III under the Reagan Administration. Mark is President of Landmark Legal Foundation which has fought many cases including in the Supreme Court. He does not subscribe to the fringe Libertarians. Everyone seems to think he is just a radio host; much more to the man than meets the eye.


Levin is not a libertarian.




The question is how is he?


You brought it up. I just asked you why?


Umm, you brought it up.


I said what he was. You said he is not, so I asked why he is not. It’s your turn.


For one, foreign policy.


And where does he stand on abortion?


Well, I just found out what his position is on abortion. Listen to this 24 minute YouTube on his position on abortion. Awesome… He gets my vote!!

Mark Levin Discusses Florida Planned Parenthood Abortion Horror - YouTube


Levin is way too smart to be included in the Libertarian camp, he has a cohesive ideology that can withstand any challenge and he is consistent. Mark Levin is a Constitutional Conservative.

Ron Paul is “Pro Life Convenient”, not “Pro Life”. It is convenient for him to say he is “Pro Life” so he does, then he supports the position that the Right to Life, Liberty and Property are not “Endowed by our Creator” but are actually “Endowed by the States”. So if any State wants to kill babies all day long they are free to do so as far as Ron Paul is concerned, his view is that there is no such thing as a “Constitutional Right” to life.

I admit that Rand has impressed me at times but given the despicable monster that raised him I just can’t help but think the apple of evil might have fallen close enough to infect him. It is not fair to hold the sins of the father against the son I know, it is just hard knowing that they shared a roof during Rand’s formative years.


I was going to answer your question by stating he is extremely pro-life, but I see you found out on your own. I have listened to Levin since 2000, before he started his radio show and before his last few books came out. He was on Hannity and Colmes fairly often.


I can’t believe I’m only hearing about him now! I used to listen to Rush, but as much as I like him and agree with him on most things, he gets tiresome to listen to after awhile. Levin sounds better than Rush. I’ll have to get his books because I don’t have a radio and can’t listen to his show. I guess I could listen to his shows online, no? I’m gonna check it out. Thanks for the tip!