Rand Paul's Neocon Transformation:


Rand Paul recently voted against nominating Anti-War, Anti-Israel Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Libertarians and “Constitutional Conservatives” once again aligning with very far left liberals as they defend Chuck Hagel on political forums across cyberspace! See, these libertarians want Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense!

Rand Paul has his reasons for voting against Hagel: “I do not believe Sen. Hagel has adequately explained his activities and their financing since he left the Senate, and I believe this criteria is especially important when dealing with the revolving door between government and the private sector.” He also wants the Hagel discussion to keep ongoing.

Paultards from Antiwar.com have some nice things to say about Rand. They want to “boycott” Rand and for followers to start calling him “Paul the Lesser.” Is Rand Paul now a full blown Republican Neocon?

It seems after Rand’s trip to Israel he has become more and more neocon tea party type and less libertarian. I still do not trust a single word that comes out of any Paul’s mouth. However, it’s an interesting debate I think. Is he a neocon, is he a libertarian? Is it all for show, or is he genuine? What do you think?


Why is Paul a neocon? You keep throwing labels around, without explanation. Keep in mind that Paul appears to have Presidential ambitions. That means a job dealing with the world as it is, not in some pajama-game fantasyland. Rand Paul’s ideas are not all ones I agree with, but I am willing to listen as he seeks to master the art of the possble.

I am ready and willing to support a man who will use libertarianism to inform his policies, not necessarily dictate them. The old man was Paul the Crazy, this one just may be Paul the Leader.


You have no clue what these terms mean.


I know of no one other than Lefties and some Moderate to left leaning Repub’s that are supporting Hagel. Still tossing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks?


Rand Paul is not a neocon.

Chuck Hagel, given the skeletons in his closet, is a terrible nominee for Secretary of Defense, and Rand, like many of his colleagues, understands that.


Go ahead, enlighten me.


What’s a Neoconservative? | The American Conservative

Famous neoconservatives include Cheney, Bolton, Graham and McCain.


[quote=“Jazzhead, post:6, topic:38260”]
Go ahead, enlighten me.
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The “neocons” believe American greatness is measured by our willingness to be a great power—through vast and virtually unlimited global military involvement. Other nations’ problems invariably become our own because history and fate have designated America the world’s top authority.

Really? That’s the whole definition of a Neocon? So … Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and FDR were Neocons? I know the term was not coined in the 21st Century, but neither is it a century old. At the least, this “definition” of a Neocon is very incomplete and has significant holes … if you assume “Neocon” has a meaning other than an epithet to hurl at some one with whom you disagree.


It ain’t just Hagel. His recent pro-Israeli remarks have his dad’s supporters further concerned. Me…I’m glad to see it and hope it is real. And yes…Hagel is awful…but the main problem which Ted Cruz identified is that he will not provide the names of the organizations that paid for his speeches…some reported as quite anti-Israel in content…and is stonewalling the Senate as well as NOT listing several speeches.
Obama is entitled to have a SecDef who will do his bidding. Elections have consequences.
BUT…the Senate’s constitutional role cannot allow an un-vetted apointee who refuses to answer legitimate questions about where his income came from to pass muster. I hope they keep the fillibuster going until he provides the data or gives up.


BTW…we have nothing to worry about. Jim Hayden is running again in 2016! https://www.facebook.com/jimhayden2016


neo= new, Con= short for conservative; together is the New Conservative, one who changes from the basic conservative of the past. To me they seem to fill the void left as the democrat moves further and further left or progressive liberal.
Paul, just as any other POLITICIAN, is pragmatic. As the Bible says double minded as blowing in the wind.


Who knew Obama was a neocon? With tha definition it fits him as well.