Randall Terry to Run for President. Wants to Air Incendiary Antiabortion Ad During th


| Randall Terry to Run for President. Wants to Air Incendiary Antiabortion Ad During the Superbowl

Now, the title of the article tends to focus on the ads being inendiary, while abortion in and of itself is incendiary. Terry wants to display pictures of aborted babies in the ad. Of course the pictures are disturbing if the practice is the butchering of human life, so I don’t know what the shock is of these pictures beingincendiary. I’m all for the truth of graphic pictures reflecting what abortion really is. It does what merely decribing an atrocity cannot begin to. However, showing graphic pictures of murdered babies won’t do any more for the pro life cause and win any more hearts and minds in support of life than showing pictures of the Holocaust during Super Bowl commercials will win over white supremists, Jimmy Carter, Ahmadinejad and other Holocaust deniers.

Last year, the commercial of Pam and Tim Tebow was right on. Also, the amount of money Operation Rescue would spend on Terry’s commercial would help out more if given to a pro life ministry, which would help girls thinking of abortion, or who are suffering from post abortion trauma, etc.


I don’t know, the numbers have been shifting lately to the Pro Life side.
Many youth today are not buying the “it is not really a baby, go ahead and kill all of them you want” B.S. that the former generation was gullible enough to embrace.

I think an ad might influence some of these. Not the viscous, blood thirsty Liberals obviously but many that they might influence from their position of authority (like teachers).

I saw a study about 5 years ago (can’t remember where) that tracked how many kids Conservative parents tend to have as opposed to Liberal parents.
The Liberals had far more “single child” families and the Conservatives had far more with 3 or more children.

This was a study from a Liberal group and they were concerned that because of these numbers the opinions on abortion could dramatically shift against them in the future.

Every time I have seen a poll the last couple of years that show a larger number of Pro Life Americans than than Pro Murder Americans, I always remember this study. When I see these numbers I wonder if this is the beginning of the shift.

The Liberals may very well have murdered their own constituency and sealed their own fate. No surprise that they want the border left wide open. The alternative to gaining constituents is unthinkable to Liberals (lettings their babies live).

If we have them on the run I say keep pushing full throttle. If we let them catch their breathe they will just dream up another institution to push their blood thirsty propaganda for another 20 years.


For the kind of audience watching the Superbowl, I think last year’s Tebow ad was a better approach. And the hysteria of the Pro-Abortion people made it all the more effective while making the Pro-Abortion people look hysterical and hateful. BTW, I’m not against showing pix of the “fruit” of abortion - one of my daughters has done that at pickets at a PP clinic - just thinking of what I think would be most effective for this particular audience.

As for Randall Terry running for POTUS, I think there would be better usages for his and others’ time and $$.