Random Thought Thread Too Large??

I cannot seem to advance past page #1531 (Posts 15,301 to 15,310 of 15,311) of the “Random Thought Thread”.

From the “New Posts”, clicking on the “1532” link lands me on page #1531.

From page #1531, at the top, clicking on 1532 does nothing (does not reload).

Clicking on the next page “>” does nothing, clicking on “Last >>” does nothing.

At the bottom of the page, clicking on any of these moves me to the top of the page, as if I clicked “Top”.

I’m on Win7-Firefox 26.0.

Any thoughts? Any unable to post to this thread?

Is there MAX_POST_COUNT parameter set to some value (like 15,311) no one ever thought a thread would reach?

Maybe it would help to up your # of posts per page. I don’t have any trouble with it, and I don’t know if that is the differences - I have my controls set to 40 posts/page.

That corrected it, thanks!

It’ll happen again when that thread hits a little over 60,000 posts, but I don’t think it’s an immediate concern. :beerchug: