Random Thought Thread

Now that Smichellen is back, I thought a meaningless thread such as this would be in order. :biggrin:

Here’s mine:

I really want to use this smiley but haven’t had a chance :eusa_boohoo:

I keep forgetting to use this one when it’s appropriate:


I’m hoping to use this one soon: :dramaqueen:

That means you’re hoping for a troll!?!! Bad EV, baaaad!


Awww, maaaa.

This seems to be turning out to be a “random smiley” thread. Here’s one I like, but never seem to be able to find occasion to use:


Smiley wondering what the hell everyone’s facination with smileys is

Hey, I resemble I mean I resent that remark!! :no:

Allthough I had been thinking about starting the “One word” thread…just didn’t want to look like a meaningless member with no points to make. :plain:

snow is cold.

Sorrry, that’s about the only thought in my head right now.

…but so is rain.

Great BOC lyric.

Well the rain slush snow and all are freezing over right now. Still only thought in my head…it’s cccooolllddd.

And, why does TO think random thoughts thread needed to be started now that I’m back.hmm?

that’s cute. Could go somewhere in some thread about the tin foil hat people of San Fran. Looks like a left wing nut trying to hide from the black helicopters.

Consider it a preemptive strike against any “one word association” thread or anything similar.

A “random thought” encompasses all that.



4 2

Here’s a thought. Dac is highly inteligent in numbers? Mrs Dac helping you out there?

Yes, she is teaching me how to subtract.

:rofl: that’s great. Really.

I just figured out the answer

Its 2. Yay me.

Now if she can just teach me to speel.

Big pat on back.
But, are you sure?