Random Thought Thread


Sal and I can only watch NCIS (reruns) and Castle (reruns) and now that Stana Katic is leaving, Castle needs to end, and NCIS has run it’s course. The other two NCIS’s are terrible and need to end. Throughout the whole industry, there is a lack of writers, storylines and imaginative programming. It IS a vast wasteland of immorality and violence (even the children’s programming is plain awful). The reality shows are absolutely horrid, the game shows are trite, the news shows are anything but. Music Choice Channels are the only thing left.


Castle is another show which should be gone. There is no chemistry any more


uhhh, yeah, what I said.


Has anybody heard from PappaDave yet? Outside of his initial note last week?


The only thing I know is about the FB post that Pete saw, saying the operation was a success.


If you want to get out of your comfort zone, check out Symphonic metal on youtube. It’s like they take opera singers/sopranos and put them in front of a metal band that has a symphonic flair to their music. The woman in this bands have great voices. The only problem is that some of them have guys adding death metal grunts, which I can’t stand. They think that it’s an interesting contrast when it actually ruins it for me.
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even though I’m not into classical music, I do appreciate the talent. I appreciate talent above genre. I don’t like country music, but I will listen to Roy Clark play guitar any time. The newer women country singers tend to have very clear and powerful voices which I do appreciate. That’s why like the the symphonic metal singers.


That’s real nice, John! I like music like this. However, I don’t know what “death metal grunts” or what they sound like. It reminds me of a mix between Yanni and Andre Rieu’s singers. Nice.


Am watching for the umpteenth time, Citizen Kane. I’ve watched it many times and just can’t understand why everyone thinks it’s the “greatest movie ever made”. It’s interesting, but I can think of a number of movies which definitely rival this one. Anyone have any insight into this movie?


This is a perfect example of how death metal grunts can ruin a perfectly good song with an excellent singer. Listen to the guy that adds his voice to the song. I would have bought some of their music if it weren’t for that.

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Great music, but I still haven’t heard those grunts. Maybe it’s my hearing. I still like it, though. Thanks!


Did you hear the guy’s voice? It’s also called a death metal growl. Here is a female version of death metal growling.

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Nah! Not my idea of music. I am sure there is real guitar talent there but hidden by the overall racket. as for the voices, just unpleasant to listen to, like fingernails on a chalkboard which you young people probably never experienced.


so i’m looking thru all the cards and memorabilia that we received at the death of our mother and I really don’t see any need in keeping this. I’m torn. I don’t think she’d like me to keep this but she kept loads of papers that I cannot carry around with me. My older brother passed it on to me a couple years ago. Yes. Photos and such i’ll keep but notes of sympathy?

Do any of y’all have any thoughts on this?


THAT was awful. Are you sure that was a woman singing? Scary. Really.


It was tough going through my mother’s things after she died in 1991. Like you, I kept all the pictures and things that were special to her in her lifetime. Cards, even Christmas cards, I threw away. Some I used in the school to make other things–just the pictures on the cards, though. My mother was sort of a pack-animal. She saved everything. I think it had to do with her living through the Depression and WWII. People had to be frugal then. So, I would keep the pictures and things of your mom that brought happiness to her, not sympathy cards. Hope I’ve helped a little.


yes…thanks for that.


the woman in that video. Do you have the lyrics. She’s gorgeous but she sounds like satan. In the exact form i’d expect.


I agree!! If I woke up and saw her face looking at me, I’d freak out. Don’t like the music either–too loud. Gimme the Zep!!!


I just discovered a spice blend that I’ve never heard of and it is awesome! Has anyone tried Ethiopian Berbere spice mix? OMGosh, it is awesome! It is a combination of cumin, cardamom, (some have coriander but not the one I purchased), cloves, allspice, (and other spices) and some kind of spicy chili peppers. Now I don’t normally eat hot and spicy foods, but a little of this stuff in tomato soup or chili brings it to a whole new level. You can use it as a rub (but it’s expensive) on meat, chicken or fish. I’m really “jonesin’” on this stuff. (Did I use that word correctly?) Anyway, if you can find it (you can order it on Amazon, I think) try it out. I bet it would be great on barbeque. I bought it through a high-end food store and for a 2.2 oz. jar of it cost me $8.50. So, you know I am going to use it gingerly. Also bought some Fenugreek but I don’t know how to use it. Anyone know?