Random Thought Thread


In the car yesterday I heard that a group from BLM wanted to come to my town and they were told they were not welcome. They are trouble makers.


Just found out that our grandson graduated yesterday from U.S. Navy Boot Camp at GLNTC in Evanston, IL, and is enroute to S. Carolina for additional tech schooling. We’re very proud of him.




I went to Great Lakes back in '83. I thought it was RTC (NTC was post boot camp) and North Chicago.


My father went through boot there about 6 months before Pearl Harbor. He always called it “Great Lakes Naval Training Center.”


My address was “RTC/NTC,” but technically, NTC was Naval Training Command, and RTC was Recruit Training Command (boot camp).


I am starting to see some brown leaves on the ground although the weather is far from fall weather.


Seeing rapid build-up of cumulus clouds off to the west of OKC. Looks like rain’s acomin’.


We had rain during the night, and it’s been raining most of the day. And do we ever need it! Yesterday I was mowing some of the lawn that had only been mowed once this year. It had a lot of really tall, thick stuff. But it was so dry that never once did the mower clog up.


50 years ago today, (August 12, 1966) I married the love of my life. How on Earth she’s managed to stand living with me this long is a mystery for all time!


Adventure in my back yard! On Thursday, I decided to mow the grass and weeds inside my fenced-in garden spot (it’s only used now for flowers and shrubs, to protect them from the deer). There was an old tomato cage lying up against the fence, and I pulled it out from among the weeds that had it trapped, and starting mowing there. As I was mowing it, felt like something hit me on the back of the leg. Didn’t make sense, since any debris from the mower couldn’t possibly have gone there! I kept mowing a while, then it started feeling like I had been stung. So, I decided to take a break, expecting it to dissipate quickly, as such stings usually do (obviously some type of hornet, because that’s their MO - hit and run). While walking toward the house, I thought I felt a lighter sting on the top of my foot - just past the shoe-tongue. I looked down to see a little yellow-striped beggar working away there. I shook my foot, and he flew off. But the pain didn’t dissipate - it got worse, until the next afternoon, I headed for the doctor’s office. Got a shot of prednisone and a prescription for an antibiotic. Seems like it was infected - those little critters seem to often carry bacteria with their venom. And I had at least 4 stings.


And I had at least 4 stings.
Susanna that brought back a memory. Back when the kids were young my ex pointed out that we had a large yellow jacket nest in our carport. No problem, living in the south I’ve taken out at least 30 of them over the years. Hose & sprayer & a fly swatter is all I need. So I got out there & was killing them right & left. I even stepped on a few BUT one I missed. He crawled up my shoe & up my pants leg stinging me as he went. I started to take my pants off & froze because the neighbor kids were in the yard beside our house. While I’m standing there that sucker stung me a couple of more times which got me to moving. I balled up my fist & started beating the hell out of my leg. I killed him but I have no idea how many times he ended up stinging me.


When FC was in grade school - can’t remember what grade, 5th, I think - one of his teachers took the class out in the woods behind the school. I don’t remember, but I suspect it was a science class. Anyway, Mike stepped on a yellow-jacket nest, and the teacher escorted him to the principal’s office (it was a woman teacher). The principal said something like, “Mike, you look awfully serious,” and he said - quite seriously! -“I’ve got a bee in my pants.”

As for taking care of nests in advance, we just learned about the one I hit the hard way!


Bee stories. I only have 2 more. Once on the way to a car wash (my wife was going to wash cars for some charity) I had a bee fly in the window of the car & sting me INSIDE my ear. I don’t usually react to the stings so it wasn’t a big deal but I did stop the car & kill that sucker.
When I was about 14 I got near a hornet’s next (that I didn’t know about). One of them stung me on the eye lid. That venom I did react to & by the time I got home my eye had swollen shut. I looked like someone had punched me & it took 2 days for it to go down enough that I could see well out of that eye.
We get a few nests each year where we live now. I haven’t had any problems with them. Maybe it’s because I’m older & wiser & buy the spray wasp killer.


When I was a small child in the 40’s and early 50’s, we lived across the street from a large city park in west Indianapolis. As soon as school was out, I took off my shoes and went barefoot for most of the summer. I was constantly stepping on bees attracted to the white clover that comprised much of the grass in that park. My mother would pull the stinger out and doctor the sting with a paste made of water and baking powder. I never noticed that it did much good, but it was cool for awhile.


As of right now the wife thinks she will come home this morning although one of the doctors said Monday. She is doing well and once she gets home will have bed rest for awhile and one of the doctors says she needs to exercise even in winter.

The one doctor said she had a major heart attack and it was lucky we caught it early. I found her lying on the floor and since I knew she never did that I knew something was wrong. She had been having trouble walking when we went shopping I always get a cart for her to hang on to and I noticed the last time she was bent over pushing the cart like it was heavily loaded. I guess it was a sign.


I guess it was a sign.
Samspade you just never know what’s a sign & what isn’t. I went 3 days having the exact same pain before I realized that I was having a H/A. I will say that it was much easier to tell the 2nd time because the pain was exactly the same. Funny thing is that I’ve never had a classic chest pain, always back pain.


Sometimes it is funny how the mind runs. Yesterday one of the doctors wanted to see the wife and I told him she was on the pot. Those of us who are old enough probably know or even used one years ago. I started thinking and it reminded me of when my first born had to use one. The wife and I were up in Chicago and it was snowing and late at night. Well my daughter had to go so here I am puled off the highway in a driving snow storm with the daughter using a potty made for children that I had in the truck of the car. I stood on one side and the wife stood on the other on the shoulder of the road on the passenger side so she could go.

I understand in some parts of the world they still use them


They probably thought that your wife was smoking pot.