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Um, one Sunday morning, we were getting ready to go to church with a couple that picked us up (me & the kids). I was in the bathroom, and the guy called. My daughter - about 6 or 7 then - answered the phone, and I heard her tell the man, “She’s on the pot right now.” That was common usage in our family even with indoor plumbing.


I imagine with this generation of kids most never heard of the term. Recently I was at a Coyote Canyon and the sever asked what I wanted and I said a cup of joe. I was surprised she knew what I was talking about, even my kids looked at me strangely.


I went into a hardware store in Mentor, Ohio, and said I was looking for a whetstone. A younger couple didn’t know what I was talking about. They asked what it was used for, and I said “to sharpen things.” “Oh, you mean a sharpening stone!” Later on, I mentioned it to an older gentleman who worked in the store, and he called it a “wheetstone.”


Howdy, everybody. Nope, not dead yet!


Glad to hear it qixl!


I haven’t received any RO notifications for a year-ish, I guess.


WOW. 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma at 7:05AM this morning!!! It woke me from a sound sleep! No damage here, but some reports of structure damages closer to the epicenter which was about an hour and 45 minutes north of us. Just north of Stillwater, OK where Oklahoma State University is located.


I’m back . . . sort of, anyway. Been since May of last year when I last I posted.

OK . . . what happened (not that there would be a whole lot of interest, but for those . . .).

On May 20, 2015, I fell and broke my back. Had to call an ambulance, and they put me on one of those body boards you see them use for NFL players with spinal injuries.

Was in the hospital for almost two months, and then a rehab facility for two months.

Since my wife has advanced Alzheimer’s, I had to hire a company to send someone to stay with her 24/7. That was $2550.00 A WEEK. I still have someone come in three times a week for a few hours to cook meals, clean, food shop, and help me bathe, but it’s less cost.

Medicare DOES NOT pay for these household chores. They will pay for a nurse to come in one hour a week and take vital signs ONLY, and a physical therapist one hour twice a week, and all that only for eight weeks.

Bottom line, the $2550 and any cost for cooking, cleaning, etc., is MINE to pay out of pocket. So, if you’re planning for what you need for your retirement savings, add a contingency in for this. I made a 10% contingency, but I wish I had made it higher . . . like about 30%.

If you don’t fall or otherwise have a health problem, that contingency of course is pure gravy.

Am pretty much bedridden . . . can only sit in a wheelchair about ten minutes before the pain becomes huge.

Can’t really walk . . . exercise with a rollator though. Is quite a lifestyle change.

Anyway, got a Samsung Galaxy Tablet (the Android learning curve is steep), so now I can post and surf from bed.
Have spoken with 2cent and Classical Teacher a few times, but other than that I’ve been “MIA”.

Used to be pretty active, but doubt I’ll be as much now.

Browsed the board a little before this post, and I see there are still a few posters I “know”, some gone, and a lot of new faces (and one that left and has come back.)

The flavor still seems to be the same.

I see the front page blogs seem to be monthly now, which is probably a relief for poor RET, who still writes most of them.

I DID see the most recent, written by J.A., and that seemed to spark a lot of . . . well . . . discussion. Which is the way Seravee wanted it, and probably good for the board too (though I likely would have sided with the “anti-J.A.” crowd).

Anyway, is good to be back . . .sort of gives me a sense of normalcy in an otherwise abnormal existence.

Oh, and I see the mods are still the same as when I was here. Stability in an unstable world.

One more thing . . . Trump should make some of these discussions lively. "“ABC”: Anybody but Clinton!!! No doubt Trump is planning on that.

Now in closing, so that this post is not completely “me, me, me . . .”, I have two recommendations:

  1. WALK SLOW if you’re up there in years (I’m pushing 70, and I know there are folks on here senior to me, so they know what I’m talking about.)

  2. For retirement planning, add a HIGH contingency.


Welcome back, Bob! I’m one of those “up there” (80). I notice when I got to the point where I simply can’t move fast that I am less likely to fall. Times that I’ve fallen, it’s usually because I’m in a hurry. I’m thankful, though, that I don’t have your disability, which is pretty much a fall waiting to happen. Just glad to have you back with us!


Happy you’re back, BobJam! Some of us were a bit worried not to have heard from you for so long. Sorry to hear of your accident, too. Sounds awful. Hang in there. We’re all on your side here!


Welcome back Bob!
Sorry to hear about your back but thankful the other rumor was not accurate, I look forward to reading whatever you feel up to writing :flag:


Welcome back BobJam. Sorry to hear of your accident. Best wishes for the future :smiley:


Good to see you again, Bobjam! I’ll try to pray for you better than I’ve been doing of late.


YES. . . you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. In fact, I was walking FAST when I fell . . . not thinking about what I was doing . . . much as we did when we were in our 20’s. Back then, we just walked WITHOUT thinking about it. Now, we have to go slow and THINK about every step. Getting old is not for wimps . . .

Thanks VERY MUCH for the kind words. Us old folks (AND CONSERVATIVES) have to stick together. Thanks again.

THANKS for the welcome back. May see if Seravee will have me back on the front page blogs, though I won’t be near as active as I was.
I heard you were a Cruz kinda’ guy . . . so was I. Trump is a bit of a buffoon, but I’m warming up to him a little . . . mostly because of the testimonials from his kids . . . still a clown though. ABC . . .

Thanks for the welcome back.

[MENTION=321]Fantasy Chaser[/MENTION]
Thanks, and I need all the help I can get.


Welcome back!! Happy to hear from you again as I had feared the worse. As to the front page blog, you know me, I love a little controversy. If you ever feel the need to publish a blog you know where the front door is. If you need any help just let me know. RO could use one of your awesome stories again. Of course I will get to read them early. :wink:


Aw crud…


Well, you knew that anyway, with me around you almost 24/7.

  1. WALK SLOW if you’re up there in years
    I’ll add to that “Don’t set yourself up by being DUMB”. About a year ago we were cleaning our floors. We have a large rug in that room so we rolled it up & I stuck it behind the couch that I sit on while using the computer (in another room). So floors finished except for drying & I’m in on the computer that night. (Understand here that the couch is in the middle of the room). I got up to use the bathroom (door is located behind the couch) & tripped over the rug. (my defense is that I was in the dark). Well I went head first into a glass door, nope, make that head first through the bottom of glass door in one of our display cabinets. I was lucky in that my face was facing downward because the rest of the glass in the door then fell on the back of my head. I got up shaking my head (glass everywhere, it was a 3ft sheet) & walked into the bathroom. Not one cut anywhere so I was really very lucky. I went & got my wife to show here the mess & she had to check me over because she couldn’t believe that I hadn’t been cut to pieces.
    Looking back I know that when I’m on the computer the room is always dark. I can’t believe that I put the rug where I did, I just wasn’t thinking. So think ahead & don’t set yourself up.


“Awesome”? Not sure about that (thanks anyway), but I DID have fun doing them all.

Will probably submit (for review) one now and then, but I’m still struggling with this Android OS right now, so it will be a bit. Thanks for leaving the lights on BTW.


Yes . . . §TOP and THINK. We’re so used to doing things FAST and AUTOMATIC that we still try that way even in our old age when we can no longer do it that way and be safe. (Interesting story . . . yes, you were lucky.)