Random Thought Thread


It does take some getting used to. Do you have bluetooth keyboard?


NO. Hacker’s keyboard. It’s a soft keyboard.

I DID struggle with the soft Samsung keyboard at first, but a stylus and the Hacker’s keyboard solved those problems.

Now it’s just getting around that’s a chore, but I’m learning fast. I know Windoze and Linux, but this Android beast is entirely different.


I find that I have to be more careful mentally, particularly when driving. It’s easy to get distracted and forget to return one’s attention to the road…


There is a big difference between Civil Rights and Civil LIberties…and we have totally missed the point of leftists when they came up with the definitions. That is why we are being sued for not baking cakes for homosexuals.


I just got off the phone with my auto insurance company and they told me that they were raising my policy premium to $400 more because although the other guy hit me and his insurance paid for it I am the guilty one for daring to report it to my insurance company . They gave me two options take a safety course because after all a guy backing up into me is somehow my fault and or I could double my deductible and only pay $300 more.

Apparently AARP does not support seniors


AARP supported Obama Care which took $250 billion out of Medicare over a ten year period. AARP does NOT watch the backs of seniors; they are progressives who carry the water for the Democrat Party and Obama.


Assuming the accident had a police report, and you didn’t get points on your license, it may well make more sense to just switch providers. I’ve done that every single time one has tried to raise rates on me, and I always find someone offering equal or better coverage, for less money. From what I’ve heard, AARP isn’t especially cheaper for most people. It’s basically one of several companies at about the same rate.


Let’s see, first off:
I joined AARP for a lifetime years ago. Since they supported Obamacare I don’t even open their mail.
On the insurance question, yes check around. When it was time for me to renew my agent (my son) checked around without me even telling him to (he knows I’m cheap). I did end up paying $10 more per year, but with a good reason. My car insurance was much cheaper but they wouldn’t cover my house for what the first insurance company did. They increased the coverage more than double because they said it couldn’t be rebuilt for less than that. I don’t mind paying a little more for a lot more coverage.


Like I told the girl at the insurance company I got hit and the other insurance paid for the damage but I got penalized by almost double premium although they did not have to shell out a dime. Reminds me of the old days where if you had an accident the company cancelled your policy for daring to use it.


I agree 1000%!! Ditch’m, sam.




AARP never DID “support seniors”, Sam–which is why I’ve never even considered joining. They are as far-left politically as Hillary, too, and their CEO and other board members are all big stock-holders in the companies that provide “AARP insurance.”


Just noticed, the Arnold Palmer dies today at 87. Met him once, was a class act gentleman and the finest ambassador for golf.


Hey, everybody. I’m still out here. Can anybody tell me why I don’t get thread activity notifications any more? That would remind me to stop in more often…


They were down for a long time but they have been working for a few days now on my end, maybe yours are going to the spam folder?


I have been looking through some of the left leaning sites and they all seem to say Trump did not do well while many polls say just the opposite. I noticed how quickly the left has down played this debate since they can not point to any real accomplishments of Hillary.


It only notifies you of new posts to threads ON WHICH YOU’VE COMMENTED recently.


Though it’s not an email, you’re automatically subbed to any thread you post in. And if you look for Subed threads in your Quick Links, it will list every thread and be bolded if it has posts you haven’t read.


Nope, I’ve been checking that…


But I still don’t have any notifications for this thread…