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(Assuming you meant that for me…) Point is, when I get busy, if I don’t see the email notifications then I might not (almost certainly won’t, I’m getting scatter-braindeder as I get older) think to check back in, and the more I forget, the more I get out of the habit and the more I forget…

EDIT: Yes, I just checked and I have email notifications active.


There was one time when the email notifications stopped that I had to deselect the notification feature in my preferences and save the change, then reselect the option to get them going again.


This is getting to be a lot like work. Am I asking too much, here? Does the community not benefit from more active members? I actually have other things to do besides read what is posted here, much as I value certain members’ contributions. I’ve tried posting in the “Site Suggestions and Bugs” too, so… If I disappear for a while, it isn’t personal. …


The glitch we had gave a variety of different problems. If you reset it like RET suggested (and it works), hopefully there won’t be any more “work” for a good long while. Please do post in Site Suggestions and Bugs if the problem persists.


Bobjam: So glad you’re back! RO just wasn’t the same without you! You certainly went through a gamut of hurt from your fall. I walk with a cane and that helps me to slow down. I get a little dizzy when I’m walking, so the cane helps me to stay balanced. Do you still drive? Medicare is a joke, isn’t it? They don’t pay for much, that’s for sure. Just so glad you’re back, Bobjam!

FC: Thanks for helping me get back on. It seems like no one knew I was even missing. Oh well… Just glad to be back.

Qixlqatl: Always love your posts! Do you want me to remind you? Send me your email via PM and I’ll remind you! LOL!

Samspade: Insurance is a huge scam. I had State Farm for over 20 years and when I moved to Baltimore, they tried to TRIPLE my car insurance. I was outraged. After all these years, never had a single accident, ever, and they TRIPLE my premium! I was done. My sister has GEICO and I tried them. I’ve been insured by them for 4-1/2 years now. I have full coverage and I pay less than $100.00 a month. Of course, I’ve never had a parking ticket or a moving violation. I’m a good risk! I would change my insurance after this. Try GEICO, even though they have STOOPID commercials, they still have decent rates. And, what about this stoopidity where you are given accident “FORGIVENESS”!!! What, does one have to sit in a little black box on their knees asking for absolution if they had an accident?? It’s like they’re trying to make you feel like the insurance company is some kind of benevolent entity or something that can mediate FORGIVENESS! How outrageous!


I think some of us noticed that you hadn’t been around without actually saying so. For a good while, I was fearing the worst about Bobjam without saying anything.


Me, too - in both cases. And long ago we were concerned about Bucks being missing.


I’m with Geico myself. Though my advice is summed up better by Shakira. “Try everything”, because it really bounces around. I’ve been with Progressive, who was by far the lowest at the time($70/month), but had to switch to MetLife because they randomly decided to bump my rate to $120 for literally no reason after 2 years(they had a rep call me and ask me to install their little tracking device, which I declined to do, I suspect this was why).

Geico wanted $85 a month. So I passed on them. Metlife was $70, the same rate as before(though I also switched my home insurance to them), so it worked fine. Then they decided to raise my home insurance because of flooding twenty miles away. So switching my home insurance would have bumped my car insurance up to 90+. So off to Geico I went, where I’m at $62 a month. My home insurance is now with AllState. No telling how long any of this will last.

Each time I just sat down with 4-5 phone numbers and told them I was looking for a new insurance company. My goal was same as old rate, or better. It always worked, but the source was totally unpredictable. State Farm was the widest swing. Over 100 one time, and about 70 a different time. They’ve yet to make the cut, but they’re been competitive at times. Especially when combining car and home.


I missed you CT, I just figured the election vitriol became a little more than you cared to deal with so you ducked out for awhile; but welcome back!


I see CBS has placed new episodes of Elementary at the 9 0 clock slot. That slot as been the kiss of death for every show that has been placed here on Sunday. The show is usually pushed back sometimes an hour because of sports or other shows.


Thanks for the kind words.

No, I don’t drive anymore. Is a struggle just to get into the car . . . transfer from the wheelchair, stow the wheelchair in the trunk (it’s a folding wheelchair) and more . . . takes about thirty minutes just to GET IN the car. Gone are the days of just “hopping” in the car.

Yes, Medicare IS a joke. Took me forever to get them to pay for the wheelchair ($750 dollars). "Geezz, you morons, I broke my back!!!

Yes, a lot of us missed you (since I just came back myself, you showing up was particularly pleasant.)

Everytime I see those commercials, I think of you.


It seems to be working now, and a big thanks to whoever got it going again


Who’s Bucks?


Thanks, RET! It’s nice to know some folks missed me! I sure missed you!


He’s a long-term member who was here slightly before I was, and almost as long as Mom and 'Nutjob. He posted a re-intro thread.


I’m actually amazed at the level of activity here, after so long. The forum was never exactly booming with activity, but it never sharply dropped off either. I’ve been a member of a lot of forums over the years, and they’ve mostly gone totally extinct in 10 years time(usually more like 3). The exceptions are HUGE sites like anAndtech and OCN, which have major corporate sponsors and tens(if not hundreds) of thousands in revenue annually.

This is the only small forum I’ve seen survive even close to this long.


You are correct. There’ve been a few sites that I’ve joined over the past 10+ years and this is the only one where I’ve stayed this long. I believe it is because of the AWESOME members and the way the site is administered. Everyone, for the most part, respects each other even though there’ve been some heated discussions in the past. Those members who like to get people riled up usually wind up leaving or being asked to leave. I just love RO. I love the people here–even that LIBERAL DEMOCRAT JBG (:whistle:)–and enjoy hearing everyone’s opinions. I’m just so glad to be able to post now!


Insurance: Geico. Back when I was a “kid” I tried to get insurance with Geico. After all they advertised that they were for the military (more or less). As it turned out they weren’t for young military because the rates they quoted me were near the top of all quotes I got. Fast forward to after I retired & Geico hounded me like I was a long lost rich relative. When I was old (or older) THEN they were giving me low quotes (old as in less chance of them paying off). I look at it this way, they wouldn’t touch me when I was young & I won’t touch them now that I’m a good risk. They still send me stuff every now & then. I don’t mind because they are wasting money on something that is never going to happen. Another company that I will never deal with is Allstate. I was with them 3 years & got an increase every year (that was when I was younger too).
I do have to say that a lot of how good an insurance company is depends on your agent. I found that out because one Memorial Day (actually the evening before) my house got hit by a tornado (I wasn’t living in it at the time, total loss for my renter). My State Farm agent processed over 900 claims that Memorial Day (6 tornado’s came through). She was the tops!


Like I said, I had State Farm Insurance for over 20 years, but when I moved to Baltimore, they wanted triple what I was paying elsewhere. I just couldn’t afford it. As I said, I think all insurance companies are scammers no matter what the name or reputation. Let’s face it, they’re all in it for the money and they get a lot of that from people like you and me who have never had an accident or even a moving violation. The last time I got a moving violation I was in high school. My parents made sure I never got another one. Even with GEICO, I’ve never had a reduction in my premium despite the fact that I have ALWAYS paid on time, never late, and never had an accident or a ticket. So, they’re all as corrupt as our government. And, for the same reason…$$$$.


**So, they’re all as corrupt as our government. And, for the same reason…$$$$. **
Corrupt, I don’t know that I would agree with that but I will agree that they are sure in business to make money. Insurance is an interesting business though. Different companies go for different types of a mix in their customers. It’s all broken down by math & past histories (of math). To get the best rate you need to find a company that is mostly wanting to insure someone exactly like you. Oddly (explained to me by my son, my insurance agent) some increase your rates for not having a wreck in a long time because statistics show that after a certain period of time you are more likely to have a wreck. It’s just all a numbers & statistic’s game.