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This is a good internal summary of how it works. Though from the outside it’s basically a black box. Which is why it’s just best to check with everyone, because you’d never know who thinks you’re safer in general.


We had a State Farm agent once that questioned why they should pay $10 to tow a car “just across town” - at a time when it was rare that a tow truck would leave the garage for less than $25.


Only problem is that GEICO means “Government Employee Insurance Company” and was one of Obama’s BIGGEST donors in both '08 AND '12. They support ANY Democrat that’s running, regardless of office.


> 1996 – Warren Buffett purchases outstanding GEICO stock, making GEICO a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. 1999

Warren Buffett head democrat billionaire and Hillary supporter. :devil:


Hiya, Bucks, it’s been a while!


Geico has given almost 2x as much money to Republicans, as Democrats.

On another topic, I just got my Creative Inspire T20s…amazing! I have no idea why I was using a 10 watt speaker system before. These were only $60 and blow the old ones away. I never even noticed how crappy those old Logitech speakers were, until I plugged these in.


Pearls Before Swine Comic Strip, October 04, 2016 on GoComics.com


Wrong again (Doesn’t it get tiresome?) That $800,000+ as “undesignated” went to Democrat-controlled PACS–or did you think Warren Buffett suddenly became a Republican?


Funny! Thanks for the chuckle!


No, it doesn’t get tiresome that you disagree with me by making things up from thin air.

If you think Buffet is micro-managing $800,000, I think you have a very interesting take on how Buffet spends his limited time.


Don’t see any republican contributions here;



Very appropriate for this election.


That would be Buffet himself, not one of the over 4,000 companies BH owns. But if you think he spends his time micro-managing where each one of those companies spend $1,000, ok. I guess if Buffet==GEICO then he DOES contribute to Republicans, huh?


Hi Qix


Well I have my voting out of the way.


Well I sit here in my son’s house in Raleigh because the coastline is being inundated by the impending hurricane. yet the reaches of the rain bands are well past here. Someone has sent me pics of one tree down at my house and as saturated as the ground is down there, I expect to lose more. Southport/Wilmington is expecting up to 14" of rain and winds up to 75 mph. not Florida but bad enough.


Stay safe, NJC


Prayers for you and your family. At least the worst is over.


In commemoration of Columbus Day, I am watching “1492: Conquest of Paradise”. Never saw it before. What a crock of hooey! It was filmed in 1991, but is filled with revisionist history and definitely an anti-European white, pro-native, anti-Catholic Church, and pure lies about Columbus. One thing they did show accurately was the faith he had in God. Of course, that faith is used in the movie to show how evil the Catholic Church was/is. Trash. And, of all the incompetent actors to play Columbus, they chose a Frenchman -turned-Russian, Gerard Depardieu. He gave up his French passport and was awarded Russian citizenship by Vladamir Putin by executive order in September 2013.

BTW, I had to shut it off. It made me too angry.


John F. Kennedy - legacy: committed the nation to sending men to the moon!

Barack Hussein Obama - legacy: committed the nation to putting men into the ‘Ladies room’!

Obama Wants To Send People To Mars By 2030 - Christine Rousselle