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I have no use for the Kennedys. Their father was a racist, anti-semite, gangster and rum-runner. The only decent Kennedy was Rose. None of them deserve any kind of admiration. John caused the slaughter of thousands of Cubans during the Bay of Pigs fiasco. When I was working in Miami, the Cuban parents often told me that the Cuban people will never again vote for a democrat, however, I think that might have changed some.

I believe the mob murdered John Kennedy. I believe the mob also killed Robert. James Hoffa hated the Kennedys. Not that he was in any position to do so given his record of criminality.


I’m not a fan of the Kennedys either, but I don’t have a huge problem with J.F.K. I’d much rather have him than Trump or Hillary…


The one huge error in judgement that JFK made was in Cuba. He didn’t approve the use of airplanes in that invasion & that doomed a heck of a lot of people & the invasion. Really a stupid move considering that he was ex military & should have known better.


That wasn’t the case; there was air cover on their way to Cuba when somebody persuaded JFK he was making a mistake, so he recalled the air cover - and left those poor Cubans waiting to be executed for daring to try to leave.


He didn’t do right, that’s for sure.


Yeah, and when my kids got to it in school, they were telling them that “the air cover didn’t get there in time.”


Kennedy seriously erred in even attempting the bay of pigs. Yeah, the plan demanded air and sea support, but the force was also supposed to be twice as big as it was. Even with the support, the invasion would have almost certainly failed.

The only way it could have worked in 1961, would have been to support them with ground forces. I understand that undermines part of the strategic and political play of the move, but it would have worked for overthrowing Castro. The way it failed, resulted in all of the blow back, and nothing positive.


In my opinion, the worst of the Kennedys (besides dad) was Teddy. He was an abomination to the human race.


“If Mary Jo could float I would have been president.”
– Ted Kennedy


That is disgusting. What a troglodyte!!


Learn something new every once in awhile. I saw a reference to a wifi hard drive and I had to find out what it is. Apparently it is an external hard drive that you can send things to from other gadgets.


This is what conditions have been like around here for the last couple of days.


If anyone has a valid email for Samspade could you let him know we are firing on all cylinders again please :firing::grin:

My notification in the announcement thread apparently did not find him… Or he is just glad to be rid of us… Hehe


I’ll PM him on another site he posts on occasionally.


He posts on TPF, as do I, so I’ll PM him about this.

Between Pete and I, he should get the word.


In honor of the holiday:


Well…I had an exciting weekend. My mother had been complaining that her side hurt the past few days. She passed it off as trapped gas so I did not worry about it. Sunday morning, I wake up and am cleaning the kitchen. Afterwards I head to take a shower and happen to glance at my phone and see that she is at the ER. I misread it thinking she was at the ER with someone else…no, **she **was at the ER…by herself! I call my sister who was already up thanks to my grandmother calling her. She had her appendix removed same day.


How’s your Mom doing?


She ‘didn’t want to be a bother’, I’m guessing? Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


She is fine and resting at home. I picked her up today.

My grandmother got onto her for doing it. I guess you are never to old to be scolded by parents.