Random Thought Thread


Glad to hear it all worked out, sounds like a close call!

Older people can be stubborn about the doctor, not me of course… But my kids would say different… :eusa_think: :embarrese


So glad it all worked out. Those kinds of problems can turn serious in a heartbeat. Will keep her in my prayers!


How about that; got through Saturday without any April Fools jokes.

Anyway, to mark the month:


A police officer saw a woman whose coat sleeve was on fire, trying to put it out. After the two of them put it out, he arrested her. She was waving around a fire arm. :ranger: :smack: :Thud:


Pete. . . that was bad. holy sheep




Did a bit of stargazing last night. I’d tried on Tuesday night, but the sky wasn’t very clear. I got a look at M42 (the Orion nebula), but that was it.

But last night, the sky was good, and like I tried on Tuesday, I found three spiral galaxies. One, M101 (near the handle of the Big Dipper), turned out to be so faint that it’s no wonder I couldn’t find it in a hazy sky; I barely found it at all as it was. It’s a nearly face-on spiral, and hard to see in my 8" Newtonian. The other two, M81 and M82 (out from the bowl of the Big Dipper), are very close together in terms of view, and appear together in the eyepiece. M81 is (visually speaking) the bigger and brighter of the pair, and both are at an angle which reveals them clearly to be spiral galaxies. Beforehand, I also got another look at M42 (Orion won’t be up much longer this season). In all, an enjoyable session, and a reminder of the God who created it all.


Hey ho, everybody. I’m here and reading, but little to say on the politics :smiley:


Mostly ditto.


Qix and FC: So glad you’re here! Missed you guys a lot!


A little time on the range and you’ll be hitting the x-ring in no time… ;D


What is an “x-ring”? Should I be asking this question?


The center of a firearms bullseye; the idea being that you would improve your aim, and thus wouldn’t “miss” us…


Going to be registering for motorcycle lessons, and buying this bike as a good 250cc starter bike.


Looks like a later version of the Yamaha Virago 250. I was considering it and the Honda Rebel 250 when I was upgrading from a Honda Elite 50 motor scooter. I went with the Suzuki GZ250; it was cheaper than the Virago, bigger-engined than the Rebel (249cc vs. 234cc), and Suzuki offered some aftermarket items (windshield (although any number of varieties would have worked) and backrest/cargo rack), generally not available for 250s (at least at the time). It was a gutless wonder, but I had a lot of fun on that bike for some 20,000 miles.


It is in fact based on the older Virago Line. I hear nothing but good things about it. I heard and have seen the Suzuki equivalent, but something about the V-Star is calling ma name.


Probably the looks of the V-twin engine.


We had a powerful storm rip through yesterday afternoon. The wind was furious before the rain started, and the air turned green with all the pollen being blown off the trees. We had some horizontal rain for a little while that managed to leak in through the closed windows. Later, the power went off, and it only came back on this morning about a half hour ago. There were cherry pickers and other equipment driving up and down our rode off and on from the evening and into this morning. We’ve got some (more) fallen tree limbs up by the edge of the woods, but no (known) damage to house or car.


I found out later that there had been a report of a possible tornado in our immediate area.