Random thoughts on new hampshire


Contrary to popular belief - by some on this site and certainly heralded by the mainstream media - Christie’s full frontal on Rubio may have done Christie more harm than good. Christie is a big government, casino bailing out with tax money, Obama hugging Republican. My guess is Christie’s attack helped Bush and Kasich more than it helped Christie or hurt Rubio. Overlooked in all this was the fact that, even though it sounded scripted and may have been, Rubio was correct - Obama does know exactly what he is doing/what he has done - his actions have been purposeful/calculated. It is instructive to note media sites have PURPOSELY been touting Bush’s debate performance - calling it his best debate and claiming he’s “gathering steam”, while focusing only on Rubio’s singular response, completely ignoring the rest of Rubio’s debate responses. Why? - to clear the “establishment lane” for Jeb Bush. Things don’t happen in a vacuum. Media play a huge role in shaping elections. IMHO.

Notice, if you will, that Ted Cruz has been virtually ignored by media in New Hampshire. His name is hardly mentioned. If I didn’t know better I would think he wasn’t even running in NH. If you think that is by chance on the part of ABC, CBS, al Jazeera, CNN, MSNBC, perhaps even FOX - think again.

Predictions - Trump will win, probably by about 5 points.

Cruz and Rubio will line up behind Trump, as will - in no particular order - Kasich, Carson, Bush, Fiorina and Christie.

Stated another way - Christie will fall on his ass tonight and will probably withdraw from the race prior to So Carolina. It is hard for me to believe donors will be lining up in support of this statist thug going forward.

Bush will trudge on to So Carolina only because he has the money to do so. But in spite of media best efforts, I think he is on his way out - I HOPE - He’s useless.

Carson is likely close to the end of the road - I don’t think he will generate the funding to go much beyond March 1st - He is a good, decent man - I hope there is a cabinet position for him in the next administration - overseeing/restructuring/reconfiguring/privatizing the VA would be appropriate.

I will be interested in how Fiorina does in NH. I’m pulling for her to do reasonably well - hopefully well enough to be taken seriously as a viable VP selection.

On the Democrat side - An old Karl Marx socialist, Bernie Sanders, versus the “Women’s rights” champion who just happens to have a life-long history of enabling/excusing/lying for her sexual predator husband. Jesus H. Chrst, you can’t make this sht up!! Look for the Marxist to win today. LMAO!!


Surgeon General would be another.


SG would be OK, but it is largely a ceremonial/low impact position. I would prefer he be given the assignment to change the face of a very important, totally screwed-up, inefficient, bureaucrat infested pile of inertia known as the VA - specifically the VA’s delivery of medical services . Our veterans deserve better.


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Watch: NH Woman Tells Kasich If She Wasn’t Voting for Hillary, She Would Vote For Him

The female Hillary supporter said, “I just want to say, if I weren’t registered Democratic, I would be voting for you.”

Kasich asked, “Can’t you switch and give me some help?”

Watch: NH Woman Tells Kasich If She Wasn’t Voting for Hillary, She Would Vote For Him - Breitbart


That shows how ignorant people are. Hillary and Kasich are opposites on issues, so what is her criteria for choosing a candidate.

That early polling was pretty close, especially for New Hampshire.


They’re not all THAT “opposite.” Kasich is a big-government, liberal RINO who can’t wait to dip into the federal coffers with both hands as often as possible. I fail to understand how that’s all that different from Hillary.



[MENTION=11981]Pappadave[/MENTION] modus operandi:**

  1. See post by Terry
  2. Choose opposite side and post
  3. Rinse and repeat


Don’t flatter yourself, Terry. I couldn’t care LESS what you think about me and how I post here.


With all due respect, I don’t think you are living rent free inside anyone’s head here. Most likely, papadave just disagrees with you on some issues.


I think putting Dr. Carson in charge of the VA would be an outstanding thing to do.


On all issues, even when I am obviously correct.
I don’t think I am living rent free inside anyone’s head here either, I just know Pappadave doesn’t like me. Now I don’t really care mind you, so don’t get me wrong, but I have heard everything from I have no clue what conservatism is, to Veganism is a real religion, all just to argue against me. Pulleeez.

Come to think of it, I don’t remember a moderator coming to my defense when I was told I have no clue on conservatism. Oh well. Again, I don’t care.

Time for the ignore function methinks.


Be my guest!


I don’t recall that conversation. I seem to recall that you have a clue about what conservatism is though. From my memory, you are quite conservative.
That doesn’t mean that I agree with your chosen candidate being conservative though. He isn’t, in my view. But, as I’ve said several times previously, I like what he says more often than I don’t like what he says. My main issue with him is that I don’t believe he means what he says, because I know what he used to say, not long ago.
I will gladly, happily vote for Trump over Chris Christie, or John Kasich, or Limpsey Graham Cracker. Absolutely, and twice if I was a democrat.

Anyhow, it would be a good idea for grudges on all sides between posters to be put into their pockets, and not taken out into posts. Discuss views, not each other. That’s not directed at anyone, it’s for everyone’s general consumption.