"RAT" A Proud New Acronym


“RAT” A Proud New Acronym

Sarah Palin has coined the acronym “RAT” to refer to “Republicans Against Trump”

Sarah Palin Gives Name to Republicans Against Trump: ‘RAT’

Much like the term “Tea Bagger” that the Left came up with last time, I don’t mind a bit; nothing bad can come from a clear distinction being drawn between Constitutional Conservatives and the Statist adherents in the GOP.

Clear divisions within a group inspire literal division of a group, with any luck there will be a complete exodus of Constitutional Conservatives from the GOP by the time this election is over; then the work that matters can finally begin.


My dear … how times have changed.

There was time when Mrs. Palin was a darling of the right. Now she’s an outlier.

BTW I never was much a fan of Mrs. Palin because I didn’t think she had what it takes to hold high office. Her resignation from the governor’s chain in Alaska proved that.

Still we are seeing the break up the GOP and perhaps with it the end of our democracy. Check my thread about how the Democrats want the Justice Department to prosecute “global warming skeptics.” Fascism is closer taking over the country in the form of the Democratic Party than some of you believe.


“Fascism” is only “Taking Over” because both Party’s want it, when Constitutional Conservatives finally give up trying to reform the GOP and leave a genuine opposition can form.

I would be more than fine with calling it the “RAT Party” or “Republic Against Tyranny Party”, that way it will have an appropriate meaning for the long term and still preserve the history that formed it; lying Republicans who finally insulted and pushed Americans who respect the Constitution too far.


The Whig Party pretty much disappeared after the 1852 presidential election. It was replaced by the xenophobic No Nothing Party and the Republican Party. You had best hope that if the Republicans are finished that something takes its place as fast as the mid 19th century Republicans did. The Republicans formed in 1854 and fielded a viable though not great presidential candidate in 1856.

The reason why we are in the mess that we are in is because 14 million rank and file Republicans voted for Trump. He said a lot of things that those people wanted to hear. They saw the sizzle, but not the substance of what was under the crackle.

The establishment didn’t have sense enough to offer an electable alternative. Say what you will about Ted Cruz, the man does not present a strong, electable persona to a lot of people. He’s obviously brilliant, but he’s no Ronald Reagan when comes to presenting an image that people like and embrace. I voted for him because he was only viable alternative left to Trump.


What IS it about the Trump Cult that unhinges the minds of so many people we thought were stalwart, intelligent, coherent and worthy of trust? Everyone from Newt Gingrich, who’s basically reversed on a lifetime arguing for Free Trade…to Sarah Palin, who’s coming off like a groupie, a la Ann Coulter.

I simply do not get the appeal. I understand the desperate CRAVING for a leader to take us out of this hell of chaos and dysfunction; but I look at the life-history of Trump and do not see it. And I look at history and see that most political strongmen, elected on promises to reform, instead wind up doing the opposite. Every leader with unchecked power from King David to Fidel Castro…come in pledging to do good, and instead do very well. For themselves, and at the expense of the citizens-turned-subjects.

Cruz’ way is of course the right way. The SYSTEM works. Simply retreating government into its proper container will let natural forces of freedom and capitalism shape the nation and economy back into an order which works; the order we’re all accustomed to. It cannot be forced - either Left or Right, Collectivist or Command-and-Control Neo-Fascist. EITHER way leads to grinding poverty and a Police-State Hell.

Sarah Palin, I guess, doesn’t know that. And either Newt has forgotten it or he’s turned carpetbagger-opportunist.


The way to tell a political supporter from a cultist, is to see how the person/persons in question react when there’s a conflict between principles and the new leader-hero. Which do they get behind?

The political SUPPORTERS, will DROP support when the personality either changes positions to advocating what the supporters have rejected, or just out themselves as not really supporting the positions that the supporter-followers had thought. When that conflict comes to light, SUPPORTERS walk away.

CULTISTS, follow the PERSON. The Leader is the ORACLE. He has ENLIGHTENMENT. If he changes his position, it must be that the new position is now the right position.

Many of us are not cultists. We do not venerate Trump for being Trump; any more than we venerate Sarah Palin for being what/who SHE is/was.


A most excellent summary!


“Fascism” is only “Taking Over” because both Party’s want it, when Constitutional Conservatives finally give up trying to reform the GOP and leave a genuine opposition can form.

Here is the dictionary definition of fascism - A one-party system of government in which the individual is subordinated to the state and control is maintained by military force, secret police, rigid censorship, and government regimentation of industry and finance.

That is exactly what Obama wants. Did you see where his minions on the Federal Communications Commission voted 3-0 to sanction Fox News for having all 17 Republican presidential candidates appear in the debate they held? They opposed the “kiddy debate” that was held before the “big debate.” Their claim was that Fox News was “subsidizing” the last seven candidates by allowing them to debate.

I’d be careful about putting “fascism” in quotes. The Democrats would use it, but “socialism” sounds better to the masses and their minions on the college campuses.


Fascism is an economic addendum originally conceived to correct a common failure under Communism, it was supposed to be a hybrid version of Communism that overcomes the lethargic performance in the productivity sector by allowing private ownership withing the productive sector under government micro management instead of the State owning all of the productive sector.

Both Party’s in this country embrace this “Fascist” economic philosophy and it has nothing to do with censorship, they like censorship also but Fascism is an economic belief that can be implemented under many types of government structures and philosophies.