RCMP aided and abetted terrorism in undercover B.C. sting: Lawyer


RCMP aided and abetted terrorism in undercover B.C. sting: Lawyer | Metro News

This story is making big news in Canada.

This was a case in which the FBI was working with the RCMP and then they withdrew assisting in the operation. My gut feeling was always that the FBI were probably uncomfortable with the “leading the witness” tactics that the Canadian security apparatus is known for, taking extreme liberties in their tactics, as was clearly seen in the Maher Arar case for instance. Tactics that the FBI would never employ as it goes against the Rule of Law, the U.S Constitution and agency values. The reason the RCMP lost their covert spy service to CSIS was specifically because of these agent provocateur tactics which have been dangerous, including; though not exclusive to, an RCMP agent caught burning a barn in Quebec which killed many farm animals. The officer didn’t lose his job for that gestapo tactic.

These two particular nutters are just that; they have psychological problems. They had no money, no means to even purchase an explosive, let alone plant one. Furthermore, there is strong testimony from the mouth of the covert officer in which the target tells him he isn’t interested in the explosive the officer suggests to him to pursue this. It was caught on audio tape.

What needs to be understood is that Canada passed laws that punish those who attempt to radicalize and otherwise “create” terrorism threats. These laws were primarily put into place to enforce and negate groups such as ISIS from reaching out and radicalizing, with the loosely applied tactics used by police in Canada, it seems the net might take down a few bad apples on the force.