RCP Withdraws Biden's PA Win, rescinds 'President-elect' status

It’s started! Biden no longer has 270 in the electoral college.

President of RealClearPolitics:

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The story noted from the beginning that they never called PA to begin with. But either they had colored it blue, or Rudy thought they had. Anyway, they’re not coloring it now. I couldn’t find their map originally, but I found it now:

BTW, what’s up with Alaska? Why do they only have 59% of the vote counted a week later?

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I don’t know what’s up with Alaska but I’ve been wondering too. Would’ve thought they’d be done by now.

From what I have heard, they stopped counting votes in Alaska a bit less than a week ago for whatever reason. I view that as irresponsible unless they have a good explanation. These are mail-in ballots, and who knows what’s in them.

Things move slower in AK.

They’ve got bears and real life to worry about!

Looks like they didn’t start counting the absentee ballots until the in person ballots were collected. This has always been the case, they just didn’t think to change it for this election.

There’s also a hugely time-consuming process for verifying people in disconnected, isolated villages didn’t vote both at the polls and with a mail-in ballot.

Some of the counting didn’t begin until yesterday, called for by the state legislature. The election commission said they needed a week to collect all the ballots, so that’s what they were given. They have until the 18th to finish the count.