Re; Explanations for Origin of Life, Genesis Has Quality; Science Has Quantity


When It Comes to Explanations for the Origin of Life, Genesis Has the Quality; So, Science Comes At You With Quantity « The s8intcom Blogger

Did life begin in the atmosphere or deep underground? Does new evidence suggest that life began in ice, or how about the “growing evidence” that life began in scalding hot conditions? These are all current, mutually exclusive “scientific” explanations for life.


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This person seems to be a lover of 0oparts. Iactuallyquite enjoy that site myself and post articles in certain venues to annoy liberals and atheists. :grin:


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I may be naive…but here. Check it out for yourself. There’s loads of interesting reading. It’s a christian based science site with no apologies.

Ooparts & Ancient High Technology–Evidence of Noah’s Flood?


If people and dinosaurs co-existed, how do they explain their extinction ?. If it was from Noah’s flood, then why is there no fossil evidence in the layer of sediment that was laid down by the flood ?.