Ready to raise some... eyebrows maybe...

Welcome to RO.

All we married men need is a honey do jar.



Welcome RP. Now if we can just dislodge Portland, Corvallis, Eugene and Ashland from our fine state… State of Jefferson as long as 541 can join it :smiley: (Well except Corvallis, Eugene and Ashland)

Also PROG FTW!!!

As a regular, happy partaker of the miraculous, life saving genetically modified organisms I say welcome to RO!

Sugar and sloth make humans fat, pot makes humans stupid; but, fat and stupid is a natural Right as long as those who choose it are made swiftly accountable for any collateral damage that their lifestyle drops on the heads of others.


[quote=“Rogueandpoet, post:4, topic:45907”]
I’m beginning to believe that I’m opening myself up for a lot of ridicule on this site
[/quote]Although some intro threads HAVE gone off the reservation, intro threads are meant mainly for benign “welcomes” and that’s about it.

If they drift too far beyond that, then generally the mods step in and give a little nudge to get things back on the “benign welcome” track.

All this is done, I think, to make your first “exposure” to RO, if not pleasant, then at least noncommittal.

So, unless YOU yourself make your intro thread into a discussion of some controversy, I don’t think you need to worry. If someone else in the thread probes an issue, it’s probably best to start another thread. Keep this one light and try not to get too much beyond pleasant greetings.

Starting off on the wrong foot will only lead to abrasive exchanges in other threads. The “I knew from your intro that you were going to be a misfit” stuff. Keep it light here, and if you want to rattle-battle or perceive that others want to, save it for another thread.

Now that’s not to say that if you start another thread on, say, the virtues of Oregon pot, you may meet with some resistance from certain members. That is the nature of the site here, as I’m sure you know.

Just hold off on forming any opinions here in this intro thread. You may form the same opinions once you get your feet wet, and others may form the same opinions they’ve expressed here, but don’t be premature. Hang around.


God bless all the good Conservatives.

I think you’ll love it here among fellow rogues.

We have some poets here, at least they have the spirit of the poet. I love
poetry and am looking forward to reading some stuff you have written.

You can post your poems in the Cigar Lounge where you can talk about
anything you want, including your own poetry.

I love Tolkien he is one of my favorites. I’m a really big fan.
Some others here like him also. Also we have some folks
here who like to write and we give it a shot as amateurs.
I mention that because poets might like to write also, essay
type stuff I mean. You like to write short essays?

I hear ya.

Our Only Hope has changed things for sure, and he has 2 more years to make even more
changes. The sheeple don’t mind, they have their TV and their games and they’re mesmerized
and blissfully happy on the way to the precipice … lol …

I can absolutely guarantee that they all will tell you that. And not just one time, but
over and over again as their campaign gets going :smile:.



I don’t think so. Not over Genetically Modified Organisms.

If you don’t like the stuff, hey don’t eat it. I’m really cool with
people Just Saying No To GMO’s if that’s what they want to do.

In my case I just eat whatever is on sale and trust the Sovereign
God with the out come. :cool:



Thank you to all who have taken the time to say hello. A couple of things. I don’t personally smoke pot, haven’t for thirty five years, but most of my southern Oregon conservative friends do smoke. More later. I do not like the world of corporate farming, too many short cuts, too much profit motive, and with monoculture growing techniques and Monsanto executives manning the FDA I think we have more to worry about than sugar. Kinda like having Goldman Sacs people running the Treasury - bad things can happen. My welcome here has been diverse and challenging which is to say perfect.

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Well, that got off on a good foot, wouldn’t you say? :banghead:

just gotta say, one of the most interesting introductory threads I’ve seen. Got a live one here!

[quote=“Alaska_Slim, post:11, topic:45907”]

The only harm coming out of GMOs, is how Monsanto has used their patents of them to hit farmers over the head.
[/quote]Well, ya stole my comment in response to the aboev post! I had a copyright on it. I think I’ll sue you.

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Rut roe. You were doing pretty good there for a while. Just a little ‘heads up’: Best pull back some before you out yourself completely.
I mean, you wouldn’t want to give it all away at once, would you?

Hey 2cent Thanks! I’m persistent if engaged but a little bit of encouragement helps. I don’t think I could out myself. I believe in freedom. Can’t work with the left. I don’t take things personally but I do tire of beating my head against a wall. I want there to be smarter innovative leadership. I want to believe in where “We” are going. I want to be a part of pushing us into a brighter future. Republicans are not inspiring me much but again, Cant work with the left on freedom issues.


Welcome to RO, rogueandpoet!

Do you mean like ELP, Yes, Triumvirat, etc…?

Maybe Dream Theater?


Do you mean like ELP, Yes, Triumvirat, etc…?

I would include Queen, Tull, ELO, Sweet, Styx, Zep, Uriah Heep, Floyd, …

talk about parallel universes… never heard of any of these except Queen…

I’ve heard of all of them and listened to most of them in my youth. I still like Zep and Tull. The proper names are: Jethro Tull, Electric Light Orchestra, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd…

[quote=“ClassicalTeacher, post:27, topic:45826”]
I’ve heard of all of them and listened to most of them in my youth. I still like Zep and Tull. The proper names are: Jethro Tull, Electric Light Orchestra, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd…
[/quote] a faint bell rings… very faint…