Reagan Presidency


I am making a lecture for Reagan.

What should I include?

How should I address the gap in income that grew during this time? People like to jump on that to show he was a bad president. I think he was great but I want to address everything equally?


Bad things:
He allowed Qadaffi to live
He allowed weapons to be supplied to terrorist groups (although they were fighting our enemies at the time)
He did not set the drug wars into stone, and use the full force of the military to destroy the drug lords when he should have.
He believed what the democrats told him about how they’d lower spending.

That’s about all I have right now. If I think of anything else, I’ll post it later.


How he dealt with the Cold War and the USSR, his economic policies.


He chose George H.W. Bush for his Vice President, but then, he didn’t have much to pick from.


Iran-Contra, it needs to be addressed if you’re looking at the bad, he also spent quite a bit of unnecessarily (Star Wars for example, the military project not the movie)

Still I personally think you should focus on more the good, not the bad: for example he had the ability to work his agenda through a congress that wasn’t always friendly, he never had control of the House and I think that fact is often overlooked.


I intend to cover all aspects of the presidency, I am not trying to focus on bad. It’s easier for me to focus on good because I have a high respect for Reagan. Therefore I just need some help in making sure I don’t over look something and be accused “rewriting history”. Not my intention.


Is the lecture about Reagan himself or Reagan as he relates to American history?


He was probably one of the most successful presidents in terms of combating Congress.


The lecture is entitled: The Presidency of Ronald Reagan 1981-1989


He almost didn’t. The bunker Qaddafi was in when the F-111s hit partially collapsed.


Don’t forget his invasion of Grenada…saved them from the Commies and kept Russia from building a big airbase there. They LOVE him there today just in case anyone critiques that as adventurism.


Ronald Reagan promised to do everything he could to stop the Cuban led spread of Communism in South America and in spite of a tyrannical Congress he did just that!


Er, actually I’d be careful about South America, some of the anti-communist leaders weren’t nice people and more than a few from South America haven’t forgotten.


Er…eh…none of the communist revolutionaries were nice people. At least Reagan tried to do something about it!