Really bad news


According to a newly released Wall Street Journal poll, voters prefer a Democrat Congress to a Republican one come November, ringing alarm bells for vulnerable GOP races across the country.
Democrats should control Congress, according to respondents to a national poll by NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Monday. The poll comes as Republicans worry about Donald Trump’s impact on whether they can maintain a majority in Congress.

Respondents preferred Democrats by a margin of 49 to 42 percent, the party’s biggest advantage since October 2013, according the poll, which was conducted immediately after the revelation of Trump’s lewd 2005 comments but before Sunday night’s debate.


I don’t think it is what they prefer. It is that many conservatives are going to show the repubs a great big lesson. I frankly don’t care if the repub party does survive…nor the democrats. I"m sure the dem party will survive. How can it not with the media up its butt. We know what dems are too.

It would be interesting to see how those questions were phrased and what the Polled ACTUALLY thought. Everyone in this country has been bought off. They’d sell their mamas for a small fortune.


The bad news, is that people have given up on the American Principles that’re now called “conservatism” and instead are engaging in fantasies, wishes, and bumper-sticker slogans as political philosophies.

Starting, of course, with the Republican nominee. Out of the field, he was probably the third-worst choice that could be made…only Goober Graham and JEB! might have been worse. And I’m not even that sure that’s true of JEB!

The NeYawk celebrity real-estate groupie, who’s become rich through crony-connections and as a graft channel…developed, consciously or otherwise, a cult of personality. Now, cults come out in times of trouble - people looking for a superhero or god or savior who’ll make it all okay with magical powers. Cult groupies are a minority, fortunately - but there are more of them in turmoil. Frequently enough to alter history - as we have seen in Germany.

It’s just a repeat of the Ron Paul cult of the last two election cycles. Paul, even more than God the Donald, was unelectable - but that didn’t stop the fantasizers from making noise and strident accusations at those who rejected their idol.

There’s that. Then there’s the current fantasy that outsiders, and ONLY outsiders, should be elected.

Well, I’d like to see some fresh blood in there, too. But to lump Mike Lee and Ted Cruz in with McConjob and Boner…is beyond stupid. And then PLAYING INTO the cult-leader’s black-and-white alignment of the world, where all those who oppose The Great Donald are all evil, assassins, aliens, liars and cheats…makes the cultists worse than tools. Some who had opposed him did so for very valid reasons - such as, for one thing, he could not get elected. Because he offered no concrete proposals, policies, intentions, or believable pledges that further the principles the nation was built on.

No, we’re just evil.

And THEN… the vapid uninformed, politically naive persons they look to…Dr. Ben Carson was another. Brilliant surgeon? Probably. I can’t judge a surgeon.

His political acumen was on the level of a college freshman. It was obvious that before last year he gave NO thought to politics. It was not his work or his interest. Which is no crime; but it makes him totally unsuitable for high office.

But all this is the result of neo-Leftist bumper-sticker stuff. “IF THE PEOPLE LEAD, THE LEADERS WILL FOLLOW.” That kind of mindlessness that isn’t true but sure sounds good as you’re holding hands and trying to teach the world to sing.

What’s going to come of this, I’m certain, is a victory for the Left. Communism under a new name, with this miserable old bat, like that dumpy East German frau over there…leading us right back into the arms of Marx.

Look at Venezuela. That’s our future.


JPT I think you are on to sumptin…LOL and Caroline, you guessed it, neither the Democrat nor the Republican parties will survive, in fact the Dems are gone already and the GOP is on life support.

I come from a Democrat family and as liked to say ‘a TEXAS Democrat’. Most of my family shed the Dem coat 50 years ago or so (except my fathers brothers family who left Texas for Arkansas where they managed to get a grip on that state as Gov, Senator etc).

Speaking of Texas Dims, voter registration is WAY up in Tx, 10-15% in key areas (San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Ft Worth and the counties on the border) this does not bode well for Texas or Republicans. A FAIR chance that Texas will go BLUE this election, if so it will be by a nose. Texas has 5 of the largest cities in the US in the top 20, we rank #1, Ca is second. Its the rural vote that keeps Texas Red, but how long can that last?



Shouldn’t have nominated Trump.


No, we shouldn’t have.

Except that WE did NOT. The noisy cultists got in there; and with that, and a twelve-way race, and Roger Stone, and John-Boy Kase-Itch working as a stalking horse…we got Trump forced on us.

(Which should be a lesson, AGAIN, of what comes of multicandidate races. You want a third major party? IGNORING that that is not how human conflicts and associations flow, if you had three, four or five candidates, you’d see this in every political race.)

Now Trump is rammed up our nethers. Well, we have to judge him against his opponent - who is a traitor and exponentially worse. So…much as I hate to say it…Trump has to be it.

Defeat Cankles. THEN…analyze this; how it came to be; why so many nominally-conservative voters were so open to a cult of personality. Work to diffuse it, next time.

And DEFEND the sincere conservatives against the smearing cultists, who want to pretend Cruz and Lee are the same as McConjob and Boner.


Registration is up but one thing is for certain they will not come out in enough numbers. Obama had one thing going for him and that was his skin color and Texas still did not go Blue. The best thing we have going for us is that Dims resign themselves to the fact that since Texas is a Red state that their vote does not really matter.


According to a newly released Wall Street Journal poll, voters prefer a Democrat Congress to a Republican one come November,
So really how important is it even if it’s true? So they will be voting democrat but was that state ever in doubt as far as who they would vote for? Sounds to me like a good Trump add in the making “Wall street loves Hillary, ask yourself why?”.
I honestly haven’t given up on Trump & think that he’s more popular than people give him credit for. Also I have to wonder about conservatives that complain all the time about the slanted media, yet they believe everything negative about Trump they see in the media. How does that make sense? They want to make Trump look evil & weak so people won’t vote for him & dems will go vote against the great evil. Nothing really new here except the level of the carp being put out & the fact that repbs don’t seem to like him & are VERY vocal about it.
Honest to God I don’t get a lot of the conservatives here. I still see the posts touting someone that wouldn’t stand a chance of being elected & they believe that he would have been the one that should have been nominated. It’s within 60 days of the election & repbs still aren’t united to get “someone” elected & the dems are out in full force behind their carp Hillary. I used to think that it was the repb leadership that didn’t have a clue but now I’m starting to think that it’s all repbs. Maybe we DO deserve 4 years of Hillary & a lifetime of socialism just because we can’t seem to get our act together. The fact is that I’m repulsed by the thought of Hillary getting in but I’m starting to be even more repulsed by what’s going on right here on this site. People who claim to be conservative yet “require” that a candidate agree with everything they think or want before they will get behind them.


Now if we all follow Ron Paul’s advice we too can be billionaires/sarcasm


WHY do we “deserve” a term of that Alinskyite hag? Because we didn’t cheer loudly enough? Because we didn’t turn the other cheek when THE GREAT CANDIDATE was giving us openhanded slaps?

It’s up to the ***damned CANDIDATE to SELL us on his program. God the Donald did the opposite - he mocked us; he slandered our preference…SLANDERED him; he’s done the flirting with the Marxist Bernie supporters.

For that we should jettison our principles…CONVICTIONS…and just get in line with the rest of the idolatrous cultists?

WE don’t deserve this POS. YOU deserve him; because you rammed him up conservatives mmm-mmm-mmms. REFUSING TO LISTEN to the reasons why we warned he would not win; he wasn’t worth fighting for; that there were better candidates out there.

I’ve said it before: I’m gonna hold my nose; choke down the vomit; and vote for the misbegotten SOB. ONLY because the alternative is so much worse.

Not every non-Leftist is going to be so persuaded to go against his instincts.

And the blame is not on us. It’s on THIS BUFFOON - and the people who eagerly joined his vapid cult.


If any one of the other candidates had been nominated, we would not be going through this. Any one of them could have beaten Hillary. Especially considering her health and email scandals. They all had character. Donald is a slime ball that does not have a prayer in hell. He never did. And yes, Im holding my nose and voting for the creep.


I don’t know how so many of you can be so wrong. Maybe because it is so simple. You have trump because of the lies and corruption of both parties. Don’t blame this on the trump people, don’t blame this on anybody but both parties and everyone in them. WE ARE SICK AND TIRED of this and desperate times call for desperate measures. We’re what 20 some days out and you guys are still pissing your pants over this. GET OVER IT> IT’s trump or its Hillary . THE AMERICAN people chose and outsider. His platform is something you can get behind if your heads weren’t up your behinds. Get a grip guys.


Trump has acted so stupidly through this presidential run, it makes me wonder how he made all of that money.

I did not support him in the primaries, and never supported him until he got the nomination, and I saw that race would be between Trump and The Hag. My sister-in-law, who usually has good sense, supported him in the primaries because “He is going to appoint the best people to government positions.” So far his campaign has had, what, three campaign managers? So much for picking the best people.

The one choice he did make that was good has been Mike Pence. But even there, he can’t say the right thing. Instead of congratulating Pence on his debate performance, Troup runs around saying, “See, I made a great choice!”

Everything centers around HIM, and so far his perform rates no self congratulatory pats on the back. Quite the opposite. He deserves a kick in the butt.

This presidential race was winnable, and Trump has blown it, BIG TIME.


Ok, you guys convinced me. For the first time in my life I’ll vote democrat. I’ll do it for the same reason that I took social security when I didn’t need it. The country is going down the tubes so why not hurry it along. The sooner we hit bottom the better so that maybe we can come back.


No one in the repub-o-moron party has been able to explain why there are open primaries where anybody can vote regardless of party affiliation and that is how we got Trump. :zombie:


We got Trump because the media wanted him to get the nomination, believing that he was the one declared candidate that Hillary would have no trouble beating. They MAY have miscalculated. We’ll see next month. She certainly IS “having trouble” beating him, however.


You mean, we got Trump because many of what are nominally “our people” BELIEVED the mediuh when they were hyping Trump.

I blame Murdoch the Fox, and his kabuki dancer, May Gun. And his Trumpshow Emcee, Sean Vanity. Plus all the feigned fainting and panic by the openly-Leftist mediuh…pretending Trump to be their nightmare.

A more obvious set of head-fakes I cannot imagine; but too many people bought it.


Open Primaries serve the purposes of the Elites - which, regardless of party label, are decidedly Leftist.

They want to GROW GOVERNMENT. And the crossover votes are mostly ONE-way - Left to Right - to prevent a conservative who actually appeals to people, not cultists, but appeals to their left-brain logic and practical sense…prevent such a person from winning important races.

The Elites win. The Left wins. The nation loses; conservatives lose, and individual liberties are forfeited.

THAT is why.


You got trump because many fed up voters WANTED him.

I can just hear you guys when Hillary is elected and is ruling like President EVA Peron. Why haven’t you done anything before now Mr. Armchair generals? What are you doing now. Singing the blues about your new found principles that you sure as hell didn’t put to good use before now. And what will you do when Hillary is running this country like Joseph Stalin. You’ll be shutting your mouths is what you’ll be doing. I don’t expect a one of your muscles to move in defense of this country. Your Principles. Your principles aren’t worth a damn when you’re still sitting on your butts.


So, what do you want, Caroline? I’m voting for him because I have to. Many others here - and on other themed sites.

It’s the ones who are NOT persuaded, who need to be reached. THAT IS HIS JOB - to sell himself. He’s doing a p__s-poor job of it…as one yakker has opined, Trump is the leader of the Never-Trumpers.

WE are not to be blamed. We got this choice ramrodded up our backsides. If there is blame, it falls on the cultists - the former paulbots, looking for their secular Messiah.

They got him. They found him and they gamed the system. This is what a Ron Paul nomination would have looked like in 2012.