I’ll be brief: I did not want to believe this, but I certainly thought about it - now it seems quite clear.

Based on Obama’s comments yesterday and over the last 4 years, regarding tax increases intended to punish those who hire, coupled with the staggering weekly unemployment numbers just released (439K new jobless applications vs 375K expected), it is clear the ass clown known as Obama really does intend to crash this economy in an effort to make an ever increasing number of Americans dependent on government.


His plan all along.


Don’t be surprised if we pull out of the recession despite the President. It would take more than a single President to take the country down. Unfortunately the left has been at it since FDR.


HOW smart you are!!!


“Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence” Napoleon Bonaparte

Believers in government solutions to the problems of society, in particular the believers in big government solutions to those problems, bring to mind the adage that, “when all you have is a hammer, every problem becomes a nail.” With that in mind, the observation of casino operators is of relevance, in their noting that, a failed betting strategy is more likely to be followed by a doubling down upon the same strategy in direct proportion to the extent that the gambler is using funds not his own.


quoted for truth!!!


Correct. Unfortunately, Obama has a powerful ally, who has more control over the economy than himself.


I would love to take the optimistic road and buy into that but I do not:

  1. I lived thru Dimmy Karter and his 21% home loans and 12% unemployment…this was brought about by a POTUS who was in way over his head, had surrounded himself by those even more incompetent than himself, but Dimmy was still a patriot and loved his country, he did not want to fail

  2. Obama is not only incompetent, but is void of love of his country (unless its Kenya) and in fact wants us to fail to exercise the coup that he believes in. Like Karter he too has surrounded himself with shills, sycophants and incompetents who are all YES men and women worshiping at his feet. As he does not care if Congress is involved and in fact Congress is all but a null branch of govt and I expect it to get worse. He leads by fiat, Executive order and uses the DoJ and Unions as his enforcers. His goal is destruction of the US and the ONLY way is thru economic failure…Note our $6 Trillion debt, no govt budget, which has let him spend as he sees fit and unless he is stopped we will incur in 2013 another $1++ Trillion debt.

In fact Obama OWN budget adds another $6.7 TRILLION bucks to the deficit 2013 - 2022 (guess bammy is planning on being around another 8+ years)

Deficit, 2013-2022 1,300 1,327 901 668 610 649 612 575 626 658 681 704


I feel, however, that there is evidence of malice at work.


I think you’re ascribing a level of competence to the most amateurish administration in American history for which there is scant evidence. (g)


Sway; do not be fooled. Obama is following an agenda known to him and a few others. It does appear he is striving to turn America into a socialist nation, and with his muslim roots striving to clear out Israel and allow the Brotherhood free access into the free world. I also believe he will change the face of American politics through the American media. I am willing to bet that within the next three years he will take steps to shut down FOX and any conservative radio, or at least minimalize them. As for the day to day operations, he is aloof and disengaged. He HAS used disinformation and misdirection to totally screw with any Benghazi investigation. The Republican leadership MUST stand strong and not be sent on rabbit trails which Obama is very good at doing.


I don’t ascribe competence to Obama; just to his string-pullers.


We can not recover to any significant degree with overpriced and under produced energy.
We can not recover to any significant degree if the cost of production in America is significantly higher than other accessible places in the world due to egregious regulations and confiscatory tax rates.

Neither of those issues can be rectified without eradicating the Enviro-Nazi influence in America and NOBODY has even been willing to mention it in either Party, we will not recover under Obama or this GOP House.


RET is a trucker and works and lives in an industry that is managed by both state and HEAVY Federal Regs…RET sees first hand what many of us only see second and third hand.


[quote=“17Oaks, post:4, topic:37114”]
HOW smart you are!!!
[/quote]I have been saying this for awhile about Obama’s plan. I guess some take longer than most to see what was plain to many earlier. You have warned about it as well.