Recommended preachers/sermons?


I am constantly searching for online preachers and strong leaders of positive faith. I have been listening to one in particular; an Apologist named Ravi Zacharias. He lives in Atlanta, used to live in Toronto and runs a fairly popular Ministry. Highly recommend for anyone interested in Christianity or Judeo-Christian thought and enjoy video and audio for convenience above and beyond your local place of worship. I listen to his presentations quite often.

Anyways, I have listened to quite a few sermons from various speakers . If others can recommend a positive preacher I would appreciate sharing if you are so inclined.


Bishop Robert Barron; Word on Fire.

Father Lazarus el-Antony, The Last Anchorite.

Father Robert Sirico, Acton Institute.


My favorite priest unfortunately is no longer a priest, but he was a firebrand speaker and there are still lots of videos on YouTube: Father John Corapi.


He has a great series on the Church.


Ravi Zacharias is very good.

I also listen to Alistair Begg (Truth for Life). I like him, although he’s a Calvinist and I’m not.


Dr. David Jeremiah is good.


Thanks for the responses. I have listened to Sirico, Jerimiah and Begg a few times. I will look closer at some of these going forward. I have explored others who are quite knowledgeable about the gospel, sometimes to such a degree that they are critical of the testaments as part of their natural development as a preacher.


I am a big fan of the best preacher on Earth. He always has the perfect answers. He knows people and is the most helpful person ever. He is wise and loving, yet exacting. He has the power to heal. You can read his book, as it is widely available, in paperback.
His name is Jesus Christ, and His book, is the Holy Bible.


Well, thank you. I do okay but I don’t know if I’m all that good.

Oh, well . . . yes, he’s okay too I suppose. :smile:

:wink: :grin: