Red Wave Goodbye

Yes, that’s a pun. He didn’t seem to have a clue about or interest in civility. He’s out of here.

Pretty soon you will be talking to yourself and the three liberals who post here. Then it will be the “Progressive Democrat Operative” with a tinge of conservatism in the John McCain/Mitt Romney mode.

You need to wake up and figure out what these subversive people are up to. Have you noted that you have driven away or banned most conservatives who post here? They are mostly gone. The people you didn’t ban told me privately that they were fed up.

Have you seen any liberals leave here because they were insulted? No, because they are paid to be here or are here because it suits their agenda. You need to get a job at Facebook or Twitter because those sites are more suited to your approach.

Like the former Republican House leader, Bob Michael, you run up the white flag before the fight has begun. You quit on the cause before it has begun. You think this struggle is a tea party, not a war for America.

I worked hard for Romney in 2012, and he decided to give up because he didn’t want to defeat the first African-American president. You are cut from the same cloth.

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Their style is the same, they over post, they simply shut down an argument by reposting the same text from before. They flood the board with redundant threads.

These are toxic habits; we can’t abide them. That is subversive, because they’re not trying to have a debate.

They’re trying to turn forums into echo chambers, and purify forums of all those who don’t agree.

Red Wave was insisting you couldn’t even talk to anyone, on this board, he had identified as a “neo-marxist”, they were simply bots and evil-doers, and had to be pushed out.

This is righteous mind thinking run amuck. He demonstrates the tendency Jonathan Haidt is warning people about.

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Yes, @Alaska_Slim, the far left is here shout us down. Their methods are no different from the Nazis and Bolsheviks who, while representing a minority of the population, gained control by using aggressive tactics. The treatment of Senator Joe Mansion by AOC and the squad because of his opposition to “Build Back Better” is a prime example.

If by “here” you mean on RO, hogwash.

Yeah that.

And I suppose that none of the leftists are guilty of any of those things …

Using your own term. “HOGWASH!”

I don’t see Gene, or United, or CS doing that here. I’m talking about Red, being the same as Trumpgirl.

What they do is toxic, because they spam the board.

I am a mod on a forum with over 400 thousand members.

We, other mods and I spend tons of time … doing exactly what Fantasy_Chaser has done!

There is nothing wrong in having differences of opinions but there is a difference between a civil debate and flat out trolling!

If I were to guess, (like now), I’d say that folks don’t leave a forum because the forum is mostly conservative, I’d say they leave when a forum is overrun with snarky, “rarely on subject” trolls!

These folks are more interested in starting arguments than having open, knowledge sharing conversations.

I have known forums that had hundreds of members reduced to Zero because of having no control over the civility and seriousness of the postings.


This will always be a conservative place my wife gets angry at me for posting on here she says it brings out the republican in me. Things I can’t say that I feel in the Democratic chat for 400 alex.

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Let’s see: TrumpGurl and Red Wave were flooding the forums with tons of crap, and with them gone, we’re back down to a half dozen or so active threads. Yep, that’s a real shout-down fest from the left.[/Sarcasm] That hog didn’t get washed very well…

Trumpgurl and redwave were the same person. I didn’t pay attention to redwave but I do remember trumpgurl started a lot of threads. They didn’t bother me. There were some moments where I thought trumpgirl made some good observations and posted some thought provoking things. I think they’re probably just really bored and craving some interaction of ideas.

When guests wind up at a forum, by accident or by invitation, if all they see is bickering and trolling … guess what you get?

You wont get any serious folks to join the forum, or … you will get more of the same … more trolls!

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I doubted that at the start, and kind of still do. There are similarities, but I think they’re of a generic variety. At any rate, the IPs, were no match, although I know that what with proxy servers or whatever the latest IP spoofing dodges are, it isn’t conclusive.

Bottom line: I don’t know.

I don’t think they were the same person, but does it concern you as a non-Trump conservative that these people keep popping up?

It’s hard to deny the cult of personality worship these people exude, and that can’t be healthy for the future of the party.

Maybe I am misunderstanding?
I was and still am a Trump supporter.

So I’m some kind of a cultist?

Please explain

Btw: I don’t “worship” Trump’s personality, I support what he accomplished … even under all of the attacks, lies and slanders, many times from his own party!

Trump was and still is a lover of our country and it’s people.
Cult of personality?

Never heard that description when Obama was called the new Jesus!

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Not you specifically, but those who make idolizing Trump their whole persona. Red Wave, Trump girl, TrumpTrain, the like.

For a recent example of what I’m talking about, see RedWave’s recent thread titled Another Trump-Hating RINO Bites The Dust

He even linked a video titled “The GOP is Trump’s Party”

I’m more asking if the rise of people who believe this is concerning to conservatives who aren’t all in on Trump.

I agreed with Trump’s policies and thought that they were very effective. He may well have done much better had the Democrats in Congress not persecuted him from day one. And no, that was not a typo. “Persecute” was the right word, not “prosecute.”

Trump’s problems stem from his thin skinned, aggressive personality. He never knows when to shut-up. Sometimes it’s better to say less, not more. He also should learn that sometimes it’s better to send attack dogs after your enemies and not do it yourself.

Trump really shot himself in the foot with his conduct in January 2021. At that point he needed to stand down and accept the election result. Do I think that the Democrats cheated? Absolutely. Do I think they cheated enough to steal the election? We will never know.

The trouble was, the decision was made and the far lesser man won. Trump should have accepted that weeks before and starting gearing up for 2024.

I will not vote for Trump in the 2024 Republican primaries, if he has qualified opposition. I will vote for him in the general election if he wins the nomination. I don’t think that the Democrats are capable of nominating a decent presidential candidate. After they get done with their socialism combined with their gender, race and sexual orientation qualifications, there is not much room left of a competent Democrat nominee.

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You would think a 6-3 conservative supreme court faced with 63 lawsuits of cheating would actually decide in favor of Trump if there was actual cheating right?

After the 2020 United States presidential election, the campaign for incumbent President Donald Trump and others filed and lost at least 63 lawsuits[1] contesting election processes, vote counting, and the vote certification process in multiple states, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.[2] Among the judges who dismissed the lawsuits were some appointed by Trump himself.[3]

33 Were dismissed 6 were ruled against meaning they found the election to be fair.
So the SCOTUS said the election was FAIR. No dissents.

7 Senators said the election was unfair, and the house freedom caucus contested.
146 House Republicans Said the Election was unfair. (political posturing).

Infact what likely flipped the senate races blue in Georgia a few months later were the belief’s by some that their vote wasn’t being counted. So Trump in doing this turned the senate blue.

This was Trumps election to lose by any standard he hurt your party more than any democrat combined in the last 5 years. For petes sake he wanted the vice president Hung that gallow was for Mike Pence was that fair? @SendGop

Why would anyone ever put a man like that back in the drivers seat of the country in fact he polls far worse than many other candidates. He’s like Ron Paul he has very passionate supporters but their numbers are limited to 30% of electorate, and no one on the right wants to alienate those voters., but many intellectual operatives of the party are feigning loyalty as they hope this passes in time. Wealthy donors are leaving the party, intellectuals are using groups like the Lincoln Project to derail him. Why can’t the party stand up in unison to a mere 63% of their voters and say putting us in this position weakens us?

Their argument is “States, this was your responsibility, we’re not here to bail you out.”

Roberts is very sensitive about the court being politicized, that’s large part to why he sided with keeping Obamacare legal.

The States are supposed to run elections themselves.

They did not, they said “this is not our problem.” And that cheating wouldn’t have changed the result.

I don’t see that; he gained something like 7 million votes between 2016 and 2020. He’s more popular among minorities than any Republican before him.

It’s more likely Democrats only won, because of the pandemic. 2020 without that would have been handedly his.

This isn’t to take away your criticism, this isn’t to say I want him to run in 2024.

But your perception doesn’t quite fit.

It hasn’t been effective. At all.

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