Reddit, twitter

This past week I’ve taken to skimming through reddit on my breaks at work.

I stopped frequenting twitter a while back after I was temporarily banned for saying something I forgot what. It’s an interesting time when you see thousands of posts calling for the third reich to make a comeback, on a website home to people who “hate racism.” I thought calling for the death of all Jews was actually like, you know, racism. As long as it’s portrayed in a lefty light I guess it’s not racism.

I thought twitter was bad. Twitter may be an unflushed toilet but reddit is the sewer. I saw someone actually call for the extermination of all non-vaccinated peoples; and that comment got upvoted! People complaining about the wage gap, and those damned racists. People complaining about things I have never even thought to complain about. People complaining about the wage gap while they’re paying like 10$ a gallon at the gas station. We’re in clown world.

Take a minute to peruse reddit and you’ll quickly find that the two most pressing problems in the world today are white supremacy and Trump. There is no mention of gas prices, food shortages, or the border, war, poverty, substance abuse, child trafficking.

But I guess Biden single handedly rid the USA of covid?

What scares the hell out of me is that I know that there are young people visiting these sites and formulating opinions out of them.


And voting.