So I got moved out of 3 blue districts into 3 Red ones. The federal district is Ruby red too. They figured the Wealthy part of the County would be lumped in with the Northwest part of the state rather than the west. So all the beach towns from Whitehall onto Manistee got lumped in a district. Even though I am like 7 miles from every map edge they drew it at the river. These are “independent” maps and yes they are fairer but now I get thrown in with the rest of the Beach bros :frowning: I was like in the urban beach where it was “different”. Ok it’s like South Bay “Long Beach” LA being forced into Orange county circa 1980.

Now you know how conservatives in California feel! :grin:

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I just got lumped in with a bunch of them, and frankly like town I live in voted 51-47 in favor of Trump and the rest of the North beaches did similar and it looks like that`s gonna be the split of at least two of the maps the third of one 30-70 ®.

Michigan is opposite flordia the further north you go the further south it gets really Rustic on the north half of our state only 5% of all people from that point on.

Getting 47% Democratic votes out of a group that is 94% Caucasian is a feat tho. In the middle of nowhere I feel like I am going nuts, and in the heart of the city I have a panic attack. I like the Exurbs and Suburbs, I need me some Tj Maxx and Applebees, but the same time if I wanna go 3 miles west and be surrounded by trees and lakes for miles I want that too.

I can see having a D state senator about half the time. They unpacked the cities.
*Talib will lose primary if challenged. Which is good too frickin radical even for San Fran. Slotkin at greater risk :frowning: D advantage goes from 5-9 (R TO D) to 7-6 (D TO R). We lost a seat in 2020.

Lots of Moderate districts.

The trouble is you can elect someone who looks like “a moderate” to Congress, but when they get to Washington, they vote in the Democrat Block with AOC, Pelosi and the squad. So electing “a moderate” who will show some "moderation " on government spending and regulation is a total exercise in futility.

When it comes to voting records, there are no “Democrats moderates.” All but a couple are clones of AOC and the squad. Voting records are what counts, not words.

Then why hasn’t Wisconsin invaded yet? You’re telling me that there would be minimal resistance.

They would just have to blow your one bridge connecting upper and lower, and it would all be theirs.

To spread their dairy farms as far as the eye can see, and finally have a coast line on Lake Hudson.

It’s lake Huron its effing massive deep as it is cold, there’s a song about a shipwreck there called The Edmond Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot.

Secondly they are too drunk to deal with explosives, and we have a very powerful coast guard. The town I grew up was Coast Guard City USA. I am walking distance from Lake Michigan and ship wrecks wash up from time to time from the 1880s. The Only time I went to Wisconsin as a kid it was all beer and cheese and Swedish wafflehouses. I love Pickles from Metaloclypse I don’t wanna have to go back home to WIS-CAN-SAAAN.

michigan%207 michigan%209 !

All Pictures from Muskegon County Mi. Second to last is my metal detecting spot, last one is the water park & rollercoaster park here.

Yeah we are the sober Wisconsin and we have dunes here unlike them, were too broke to drink. Ok we’re broke Wisconsin, we’re Wisconsin driving to AA on a bike. At least we aren’t Ohio/Indiana that’s when the family tree gets interwoven. We can outshoot Chicago any day Ted Nugent alone. You wanna solve Gun Violence in Chicago send the motor city mad man down there. Please just someone take him our law enforcement is tired of babysitting him shooting burning crossbows onto his neighbors land also Take Kid Rock he writes music for people who gotta blow into a hose to start their car. We will keep Jack White, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Wayne Static, Bob Seger, and Sufjan Stevens. Pure Michigan Jack White (white stripes, raconteurs, dead weather).

Yes it is. Forgive me, the dashed line on the map made me misread, and I forgot my geography.

But as much as you decry it, I’m sure you’d still defend to last man from those cow-grubbin cheeseheads.

As drunk as they are it will be like shooting fish in a barrel they drink like Ruskies man have you ever been there its the only state where the first DUI is a civil infraction lol I crap you not. You can have six duis before prison time.
Wisconsin is the only state in the country that treats a first-offense drunk driving as a civil infraction . Every other state treats a first-offense drunk driving as a misdemeanor, meaning a criminal offense not civil. Wisconsin has some of the nation’s highest levels of drinking and driving.Sep 8, 2019


Wisconsin Has Some of the Softest DUI Laws in the Nation


Wisconsin is drunk as umm is drunk as umm as drunk as we are stoned yeah that’s it. Weed was never illegal in Ann Arbor Michigan just a 5 dollar ticket since 1958.

Also we attacked Ohio and got the UP thats how messed up we were, and we know the UP is part of Wisconsin its our hostages they got a good college up there that makes all the doctors out of the almost Canadians. My doc is a yooper sounds like a canuck.

I can walk in with a bruised finger and walk out with 5 norcos, that’s the level of trust we have here. Michigan is a beautiful disaster like that that 311 song. Doors unlocked keys on counter that’s the level of trust here, we let each other borrow our cars. Canada level friendly with high assault rates, 2 of those were me the ones the FBI Uniform Justice keeps numbers on the 1-year aggravated ones yeah 2 of those were me. Were the sweetest most violent idiots you ever met. You know how many time I ran out of gas on my Jet Ski and got a tow back inland, like 6 times, no I’m not gonna replace the gas gauge.

@alaska_slim we can make fun of ourselves, it’s not like Were Evangelical (colorado Springs) Bomb Making (South Denver) Mexicans (Pueblo) who are famous for a tv show (South Park). Also God bless everone in denver I hope you guys all got out in time last night said a prayer for you guys.

Also for forgetting your history wrong you gotta listen to a 7 minute song by Gordon Lightfoot about the dangers of Lake Huron

I mean, you mention “this is our South”, and Michigan had its own civil war with Ohio, so it seems “Yeah, this could happen.”

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We did attack Ohio on a hill 100 drunk michiganders beat the crap out of some Ohioians over Toledo and got the UP when we came two we were like oh wow. You’d have to visit to understand the stop. I was up near the Raton pass thats about as much time as I spent in Colorado. I went to Trinidad and didn’t get a sex change and the skiing was awful. Santa Fe was nice, Albuquerque was tolerable and so far Central Florida has been the worst.
Michigan Memes:

So most Michigan story ever: I was out looking for a deer at camp north of town for 2 days gave up. I rented a tow trailer just for the occasion. I return the tow trailer to uhaul. So I go home I grab my dirt bike, and take it out to the trails (state land), ok the minute I get out there, I see like three deer running along side me. I take my 45 side arm out and fire a shot like an idiot throws me off my bike got the deer btw I’m breaking as I’m firing, and clean shot neck area for the win. I’m less than a mile form home. So I go home grab a tarp and some rope and drag that thing out of the woods. I got motorcycle endorsement, got my ORV sticker, it’s street legal too, got my drivers license my hunting license, I’m not concealing. I’m all good and everything. Yet the neighbors are just staring and laughing at me with a 150cc dirt bike a tarp and a deer coming down the road. Y’all laugh cause I don’t got a truck and I ain’t willing to get my Volvo dirty.

[man carries deer home on bike]