Reflections on Hitting (not Celebrating) 60


Several days ago, I passed my 60th birthday. I would like to use the word “celebrated” but that is not accurate. My life is overall good; I have a wife who means everything to me, has been undyingly loyal, as have been my two children. I am quite proud of both of my children and my wife. I cannot say otherwise that there are no complaints.

Physically I am doing well, for which I am grateful. Of course there are the usual issues; thinning hair, a bit too much weight, and a slower jogging pace. The losses over the decade, however, or more profound and troubling. Going to my 50s, I was a long time member of a closely knit law firm. On the surface, everybody cared about everybody. With several notable exceptions, this was illusory. Several of the people have remained close and loyal, but the fabric was frayed and ultimately broke for reasons relating to developments in the practice of law.

I am now productively and somewhat happily involved in my own practice and appearing of counsel to other firms. The idea of retirement does not appeal to me, especially since I have at least one third of my life left, and want to remain active throughout.

Without mincing words, the losses have been among family and friends. Certain of those losses are through death and illness. Others were fallout from the recent presidential election. Others mystify me more because I have always assumed that the need for friends was ingrained into the human psyche.

Instead, most people I have known a long time are on the surface friendly, but avoid or cannot wait to end conversations. Maybe it’s technology. Maybe it’s just being in the 50s and 60s. However, I do not want to be too negative since many of the friends and family members both that I have lost or that remain were good to me well beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions. I hope I returned the friendships amply.

In sending this message, I wish to express gratitude for the years of friendship and hope for many more such years. I look forward to more good times, and wish everyone a happy Pesach or happy Easte


it’s our fast paced, cell phone addicted society. It takes actual effort to deal with people face to face.


You need to cheer up JBG…you’re only as young as you feel…or as you tell yourself you are. There comes a time in every woman’s life that she actively begins to lie about her age…or in my case…i refuse to deal with it.


JBG, as a Christian, I strongly believe that I know Who the friend is who will never let you down. I realize that you’re Jewish, but I submit that Jesus went to the cross for you, too. And He did so for the same reason that He did it for me and everyone else; He loves you!

Don’t be afraid to deal with it. It isn’t fun in this life, but you know that eventually, you’ll be in the position of being as youthful as ever “when we’ve been there ten thousand years.”


Good post you sound great albeit I have to question still hammering away at what you have been doing for the past 40 years…?

Ask yourself if you are not doing the same thing and expecting different results?


Basically practicing law for the last 34 years.


I DEAL with everything else but I DON"T have to deal with age. I ignore it. IF you were a woman I wouldn’t be explainin’ this to you. Your mama knows what ah’m talkin’ about. and so does every other woman on this board.


I get the feeling that we’re at cross definitions, but I’m not sure. I meant in terms of dealing with it, acceptance. And I can tell you that Mom does. If I’m misunderstanding (wouldn’t be the first time), please correct me.


Well, I DON’T “accept” the fact that I’m 75 years old! In my mind, I’m in my mid-30’s and that’s what I “accept” now.


I accept that I was born on December 27, 1935, therefore, I was 81 on December 27, 2016.


I ACCEPT that I am getting older…and I know my birthdate which I am not gonna share. I do NOT however keep up with just how many birthdays that I have had. I have a friend…older than I and I watch her at age 70 giving in to old age. she married a younger man…just slightly. WHY give up and become aged. She wears 30 year old clothes, she drinks too much. she doesn’t do her hair anymore and she definitely needs a shave. COME ON GIRL…what the hell!!! and she talks about being the oldest one in the room. WHAT a downer. I suspect her husband doesn’t want to hear it, I know I don’t…and he doesn’t like the fact, i’m sure, that she just doesn’t seem to care about her appearance. If you don’t care about your appearance for your own sake, then for crying out loud care about it for your husband!

just my opinion… coming from a long line of female family members who all lie about their age. and i’m not about to stop now. :wink:


I, too, have noticed a ‘falling away’ as i’ve gotten older, and I realize that I have fallen away from people, myself.


Yeah, intellectually I know I turn 50 in three weeks. Emotionally, I reject that. I’m still in my 20’s, barely more than a kid… :confused: (avoiding mirrors helps :smiley: )


I feel like I’m a hundred years old, although some might say I act a small fraction of that…


I have all kinds of reminders of my age: every time I do a race I enter my birthdate or age to register; births and deaths (expected and unexpected), friends posting grandkids’ pix on FB, too frequent visits from Uncle Gout, etc., etc., etc… But I’m here, and have to decide what to do with and about that fact. I’ve decided not to surrender to sorrow, and to try to improve and preserve my physical abilities. And to serve people around me while I’m doing my various things in life. “Use it or lose it,” applies to much more than physical abilities.


Wow, I think I’m the youngest in the thread!


Come a little closer so I can whack you with my walker!


I am really reminded of age since we had three family members die in the last 6 months - one at 90, one at 86, and one at 76.




I guess I’m lucky. I’ve had about three days of neck pain and that was back in 2002. I’ve had leg aches for a few minutes every few weeks, “charlie horses” and that’s about it. And the odd cold every year to year and a half. That’s it.