Reid: House ‘Being Operated With A Dictatorship Of The Speaker’


A last-gasp effort Thursday to avoid automatic tax increases and spending cuts got off on the same convulsive, partisan tone that marked congressional attempts to resolve the impasse before lawmakers left Washington to go home for Christmas.’t it funny how Reid complains about Boehner when Reid himself will not allow any republican bills through? I was listening to the radio in the car and Reid talked about how no bills were coming from the House but since Reid will not bring them up anyway this is all propaganda for the RINOs and the democrats.


A classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Perhaps Ried should add to his speach on why a budget has not been passed for over 3 years.


Perhaps Reid missed the part where Boehner was unable to get his own party members in the House to go along with “Plan B”. But, look, let’s be honest - we have a great system with idiots of both stripes running it. In a place and time in which spending cuts are not cuts in spending but, at best, a reduction in the rate of spending increases and compliant media that goes along with the BS - those who actually are net contributors to the federal treasury have been, are and will continue to get completely screwed. Screwed that is until the whole damn thing comes undone. While I will not allow a Democrat to even come inside my home I must point out that when in a position to make a difference most Repubs have not acquitted themselves with distinction.

And these a******s continue to get re-elected. I blame our electorate for that - pure and simple. For this nation to be in the position it is in is a complete disgrace.

We can’t go over the cliff fast enough to suit me. Let the pain begin - it’s the only chance left for people to come to their senses and recognize that electing the Boehners, Reids, Bushes and Obamas will only lead to disaster.


You are right, FC. A-Hs was not appropriate. I should have said, “these cloacas continue to get reelected”. Cloaca being the proper biological name for the orafice found on lower vertebrates through which passes fecal, urinary and other discharge matter. LMAO!!


I agree.

I hope Boehner gets ousted and replaced by someone like Jim Jordan or Jeb Hensarling,


[sarcasm] How Sen. Reid thought he could get away with this claim with all those MSM reporters itching to challenge him on his refusing to allow consideration of so many House-passed bills … [/sarcasm]