Reince Priebus Working on County Delegate Plan:


Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus voiced support over the weekend for an effort to reform how some states award their electoral votes.

I don’t understand some people’s opposition to this plan.

Can someone explain to me why awarding delegates on county by county basis instead of state by state basis is so bad?

Anybody remember this?

The GOP’s big electoral vote gambit, explained


If it was based on the general election, that map would be more relevant…


that map is from the general election.


The point being, his delegate plan would have no effect on that. Only the GOP primaries. So the map has nothing to do with the plan.


Its not a county by county basis its by congressional district. The problem with it is whoever wins the president will almost certainly win the house as well. It sounds great now because it would give the republicans an advantage but down the line it could back fire and give the dems total power for decades.

I dont think the plan will ever fly because of this, it looks just too much like a power grab and nothing else.

It’s pretty clear that Republicans are looking at these changes for political gain, rather than because they make sense as reforms, and voters may not like that. (There’s a reason the GOP is proposing this in blue states they control rather than red states they control, because in the latter case they would be losing electoral votes.)


did you read the article or just the thread title? the article linked only dealt with the electoral votes in the general election and mentioned nothing of the GOP primary delegates


My bad, I assumed it was only for the GOP. Disregard previous statements.


Is this the same plan that tried to not seat delegates?


uh no because that never happened!


I’m with UNT on this one. Bad idea…could definitely come back to bite us…AND…serves to minimize the importance of each individual state and thus the power of federalism.


You’d think the democrats and the paulbots would like this one though? huh? But since a Republican though of the idea, it has to be wrong now! Democrats have wanted to do away with the electoral college ever since Gore lost. Paulbots always talk about how their candidates are winning county races and the elections are stacked against them.


Here’s a link for you to ignore that talks about the Maine delegates and the spur of the moment rule changes.

RNC Convention Is A Sham Which Has Disgraced These United States

RNC Disenfranchises Paul Delegates; Rigs Rules to Nominate Romney

Drowning out shouting Ron Paul supporters is not an easy thing to do. Republican delegates voting for Mitt Romney found this out Tuesday as Paul’s contingent chanted “Point of Order” and “Let Him Speak” as they witnessed the re-writing of the GOP rules, clearing the way for the unchallenged coronation of the now-official Republican nominee for president — Mitt Romney.

The RNC’s rule change effectively disenfranchised Republicans supporting anyone other than the Establishment’s man and left 10 of Maine’s 24 delegates locked out of the process, preventing them from casting votes for Ron Paul.

RNC Convention Is A Sham Which Has Disgraced America |


The current system isnt much better only about 14 of the states really matter and the incumbent party can craft policies that help demographics/industries of those areas to help reelection chances that they wouldnt be able to do on a national level. Its only the 2nd time in history that 3 consecutive presidents got reelected but I think it could become the norm now.


Paulbots claiming that Ron Paul got cheated out of the nomination, I think you are looking for the conspiracy forum.


haha yeah that’s a reliable website I’ve never heard of.

Here’s a link to a reliable website that you’ve never heard of that debunks it! No MSM sites talked about this, because oh it must be a conspiracy theory, not because your movement just made it up lolz…:rofl:

Anti-Ron Paul Bot: Debunking the “Real” Delegate Count:


Not cheated out of the nomination, but cheated by not following the rules. Paul never had close to enough delegates to win the nomination.

But we have to follow the rules. If they did this in 1976 is would have been Reagan instead of Paul they were doing it to.


[quote=“Cam, post:10, topic:37886”]
I’m with UNT on this one. Bad idea…could definitely come back to bite us…AND…serves to minimize the importance of each individual state and thus the power of federalism.
[/quote]I agree on not doing it by congressional district but county is more interesting.

However, then there is a problem with gerrymandering.


Still complaining that Ron wuz robbed…LOL.
What the REAL long term result of that is, is that the Party has innoculated itself against future takeover attempts by outsiders who have no love or concern for the party or its’ success. Now:

  1. No delegate bound to a candidate may vote for another.
  2. Whoever wins a states popular vote must also get the most delegates.
  3. The RNC by super-majority vote can change the rules.

Bye-bye Paulbots…sleazy caucus stuffing tactics ain’t gonna get you anywhere next time. Loyalty to the Party and nominees will.
Rand is doing it right so far…but we’re watching what happens with his dad’s minions carefully.


I note that in 2012…despite the Rep House majority being preserved…the DEMS House candidates actually got more total popular votes. I like the present system.


Reagan won 23 states and 46% of the vote in the '76 primaries, Ron Paul won 4 states and 11% of the vote and the issue was over the 5th state which would have made him eligible for nomination and the paulbots claimed the 5th state was stolen because “for sure” he would have been nominated if he was eligible.