Reliable Conservative News Sources....

Foxnews is starting to bug the crap out of me. What are other good, reliable, conservative news sources I can get my daily news from rather than read articles about Sarah Palin’s clothes and who Dita von Teese wants to strip for?

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on tv, fox is the only one i know. as far as the internet i go on For Heritage Foundation Members and Supporters

i know, right?! She’s giving us “Blue Steele”!

Drudge Report is my favorite. Matt Drudge usually scoops the big news services and he doesn’t have a bias that I’ve noticed. Of course, the libs. hate him so that’s a good sign.

I also like, (with occasional commentary by Ted Nugent), and They’re heads above CNN and (ugh) MSNBC.

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Well, I guess I did not need to make a thread.
I will use this one.
I will post two posts:
Here are my main sources, conservative links with real news:

Nobody can call any of these nutty or extremist. This is where honest real news is found. If you know of more please tell me.

I will make a thread on this so that people can share more.

Here are a bunch of other various links of different kings:

Accuracy in Media: Your Watchdog of the News Media
American Conservative Union: Supporting capitalism, the original intent of the Constitution, traditional moral values, and a strong national defense
American Life League: Pro-life group dedicated to protecting the sanctity of life from conception
American Policy Center: Exposing the truth on “global warming”, Goals 2000, and more
American Thinker: Daily internet publication
Becket Fund for Religious Liberty: Legal support for religious freedom
Campaign For Liberty: Ron Paul’s grassroots organization
C.J. Pearson: The Lefts Youngest Nightmare, Young, Black, and Unapologetically Republican
Candace: Candace Owen’s show “Candace” on the Daily Wire
Candace Owens Show: Candace Owens Show on Prager U
Citizens United: Dedicated to restoring our government to citizens’ control
Concerned Women for America
Donald J. Trump - Save America: President Trump’s website
FAIR: Federation for Immigration Control
FreedomWorks: FreedomWorks exists to mobilize the largest network of activists advocating the principles of smaller government, lower taxes, free markets, personal liberty and the rule of law
Future of Freedom Foundation: Aimed at establishing an educational foundation that would advance Libertarianism
Gateway Pundit: News, commentary, analysis, go-to source of the late great Rush Limbaugh
Glenn Beck: Political commentator, author, and co-founder of Blaze Media
Glenn Beck’s Youtube Page: Great videos
John Birch Society: Fighting the New World Order and threats to individual liberty
Judicial Watch: A conservative, non-partisan educational foundation, which promotes transparency, accountability and integrity in government, politics and the law
Landmark Legal Foundation: National public interest law firm committed to preserving the principles of limited government
Laura Ingraham: Host of ‘The Ingraham Angle’ on Fox News Channel weeknights
Lara Logan: Logan is host of ‘Lara Logan Has no Agenda’ on Fox Nation
Lary Elder Show: “The Sage of South Central”, conservative author, radio host, and candidate for California Governor
Life Site News: Banned by Youtube, Pro Life news, action & commentary
March For Life: We promote the beauty and dignity of every human life by working to end abortion, educating, and mobilizing pro-life people in the public square
Mark Levin Show: Levin is host of LevinTV and the host of the Fox News show Life, Liberty, and Levin
Michelle Malkin: Malkin’s pages to the Unx Review, banned by Facebook
National Center for Public Policy Research: A resource on many key issues
Red Renaissance: Supporting the Next Generation of Conservative leaders
Red State: News & Media Website
Rush Limbaugh: Rush lives on at his website
The Rutherford Institute: Defending religious freedom
Sharyl Attkisson: Five time Emmy award winning, nonpartisan investigative reporter, one of the few last honest reporters
Tea Party Express: Tea Party Activist Organization
Tea Party Patriots: Tea Party Activist Group
Young Americans Foundation: Conservative Campus Activist group since 1960