Remember when we looked for Presidents who were young and vigorous?

I saw this Inaugural button on a political items website and could not resist. Here is a very attractive John F. Kennedy button, which was offered for sale before his inauguration on January 20, 1961.

I remember that day well. I was in the sixth grade, and my teacher, who was a 71-year-old “progressive educator” (I’ll define that, if you like, later.) made arrangements for the class to go the house of one of our classmates to watch the inauguration on TV. There were no TVs in the school at that time. It was very cold that day, and snow had fallen the previous night. The class walked a couple of blocks and sat in the family’s Livingroom.

John F. Kennedy was the youngest man ever elected President at age 43. Theodore Roosevelt was 41 when he took office, but he was not elected. He became President after William McKinley was assassinated.

Kennedy was noted for his youth and vigor. He was a lively public speaker who was noted for giving frequent and notable press conferences. He could invent the great line tag line off the cuff, and his meetings with the press were spontaneous and not staged. He and First Lady, Jackie, presented a youthful and active image to the world.

Jacqueline Kennedy First Lady Gold Piece, Issued by the U.S. Mint

Contrast that now with the old fossil, Joe Biden, we now have in office. All of his events have to be staged, and he must read a teleprompter to communicate. He dodders around from one place to another like someone from a memory care unit. If he had not been picked to lead our country, you could feel sorry for him.

Yes, there were things we didn’t know about John Kennedy. He had Addison’s disease, a serious condition. It was well known that he had a bad back, but many people didn’t know that it had almost killed him circa 1953. We also didn’t know that he was a serial philander who took his sexual exploits to the point of threatening national security.

Yet, it is my perception that the country was not nearly as divided as we are today. We were not having debates about whether or not the country was to go socialist, and we didn’t have a President who blatantly ignored the law the way Biden has on the border issue. If a president had opened the border the way Biden has, members of both parties would have on his case.

We also had a President who recognized the benefits of capitalism. “A rising tide raises all boats” was one of his characterizations about a good economy. He lowered taxes and supported the private sector, unlike the present White House occupant, who follows the teachings of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Snow flakes like her were very much on the periphery of politics where they belong.

2014 John F, Kennedy Half Dollar in Gold Issued to Commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Half Dollar.

Back then, you didn’t have worry that much if there were change in political parties. All of that started to change when Lyndon Johnson won by a landslide in 1964. His Great Society signaled the beginning of out of control government which has become the bane of our existence today.

LBJ, the Worst President of my Lifetime … Until Biden.

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My mom had always thought that he was a terrible president, but although he was a Democrat, he was probably the best Democrat president we had dating back to and including FDR.

I don’t know. The Bill of Wrongs and Obama could give him a run for his money.

Uh, no. Kennedy was an anomaly, and there is good chance that he didn’t even actually win.

Nowadays socialists and leftists don’t seek any character at all. They want a figurehead who checks all the radical leftist socialist boxes…

They have one goal: Destroy American then build a socialist state upon its ashes

EDIT: Although I guess we do want older president to look vigerous like Ronald Reagan

Yes, I know what you are getting at. Did Mayor Daily dump voting machines in Lake Michigan after the the 1960 Election Day? Who knows?

I care enough about America to recognize what Richard Nixon was, or at least what he became. I love American and freedom. The Republican Party can be a means to that end, but I won’t give all of its leaders, past and present, a free pass.

In the end Nixon because an autocrat, and I can never support him or say that he was a good President overall. Maybe he would not have become a paranoid mess if he had been elected in 1960. It’s impossible to tell.

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Meh, Nixon was okay. So he lied about a misdemeanor that occurred without his knowledge. That’s nothing in the great scheme of things…It was stupid, but of no actual consequence.

Yes, and he referred to himself as “the sovereign” after he left office and had a bunch of Victorian clad guards around the White House. The guy also pushed for the Value Added Tax VAT, like they have in Europe.

You NEVER give the Federal Government another revenue source, NEVER.

But it’s not worth arguing about. I don’t like like the guy, on balance, but he’s long dead.

Oh, well . . . I didn’t know that. Yes, thats not too good. LOL

SLEEPY Biden Dozes Off At Climate Conference

I’d probably go to sleep too. It’s a boring subject.

Climate change is a stalking horse for socialism. All of the socialists in Europe, who get rich from their “government service” are there pushing it because it’s one more way for them to get their hands in pie.

The British voted for Brexit for good reason. We have similar maggots in our bureaucracy here. No one can get control of them, not the Congress and never a strong willed President, like Trump. because of Civil Service rules.

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