Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.’s Heresy, Denial of Christ’s Deity and Physical Resurrection

I had heard this about MLK, Jr. before. I do not intend to judge whether or not he was a heretic. Lord knows I’m NOT a Biblical scholar in any sense of the term. I do not believe in the “literal” translations of the Bible…in particular in the Old Testament. As I’ve said often before, Genesis, for example, is a written account of an essentially folk-lore explanation of the creation by practical poets rather than scientists, told in terms that an unlettered, basically nomadic people could fathom.

Interestingly, Jesus spoke of the Old Testament as it being literal.

As far as being a heretic or Biblical scholar, it is not that people are all knowing instantly. People grow in their learning and faith. However, a truly converted believer will accept rather than reject Biblical truth when presented with it.

Yo, are you saying my man @Pappadave isn’t a true believer? That he’s a heretic?

Actually not. Jesus often spoke in parables, NOT meant to be taken literally.

Yes He spoke in parables, but in referring to the writings we now know as the Old Testament He spoke literally.

I don’t disparage anyone’s sincere beliefs but I would remind the literal-word-for-word advocates the what’s in, and not in, the Bible was the work of the converted wife of a Roman emperor. Dr. King was an imperfect human being, just like the rest of us, Judge not, that ye be not judged.

What’s in the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God. The verse on judging is not admonishing judging. Rather, it is a command to judge with right judgment.

I give you the problem with Christianity.

You can judge, as long as you judge the right way. :roll_eyes:

Wrong! (which comes as no surprise.). You can judge as long as you judge RIGHTLY and for the right reasons.

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From what I’ve heard of MLK, I’m not inclined to dismiss him as a heretic.

What about denying the deity, virgin birth, and resurrection of Christ?

I never heard any such claim until you made it.

He has made such claims. Does this make him a heretic in your opinion?

I don’t accept as gospel that he did so.

So all the other religions besides Christianity are “wrong”.

How inane

Yes, they ARE wrong. What is it about faith that you don’t understand?

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I’m glad people like you don’t run things.

Yes they are wrong.