Renewed push to give Obama Internet 'kill switch'


Renewed push to give Obama
Internet ‘kill switch’
(CBS News) A controversial bill hands Obama power over privately owned computer systems during a “national cyber-emergency” and prohibits any review by the court system …

Welcome to the new era, old style Soviet communism revisted as anything can be declared a “national cyber emergency” and be an excuse to shut down the internet and lead the way to other types of dissent to be stifled. My theory is, they will place the blame of tragedies such as the Arizona shooting on talk radio and conservative blogs on the internet and use this as the cyber emergency to shut it down. "We just have to shut down the internet to prevent this hate speech from fueling future murders."



They can’t go for this - look what’s happening in Egypt!


That’s exactly why they want it. Shut down decent, control information. Come on guys, defund the FCC now!


“Defund” is one letter away from “defend”. O_O’

But I think there’d be an uproar if they were given that sort of power. Right? Right?!


Since this subject has been pushed the media except for Fox and the usual suspects has been quiet about it.


It is getting to sound more like Nazi Germany everyday with what I see politicans want and do.


Iran also used this “go dark” technique when they had the protest’s last year.

It always amazes me when so many people cannot see the similarity in tactics that are always used by Demoncrat’s and all the most totalitarian regimes of today and in history.

People who can defend their ideas never desire censorship, only those who know their ideas cannot be defended want the opposition silenced.

Liberals fear free speech for good reasons, they can never achieve their goals if free speech endures.




A bill like this would never pass in America.


You’d like to think, but with what we’ve seen…


With the amount of uproar and political backlash it would cause not party would ever try an push a bill as outrageous as that, and if by some strange act of fate a bill such as this did pass well the above would occur. Any person should be able to see that the bill is a major overstep of the Federal Governments’ power.


[quote=“tperkins2009, post:10, topic:29002”]
You’d like to think, but with what we’ve seen…
[/quote]I used to think that it would be impossible but with the current climate I have to agree there is a distinct possibility that this could happen


I can’t see anyone wanting this, though - we’re all too addicted to the Internet to abide the thought it could be turned off at any moment.


No. Don’t do this and get rid of the FCC. Liberals need to return to the more classical liberalism…


We had internet censorship pushed on us last year, nothing anyone could have done even though it wasn’t through the senate before a federal election. Labour proposed it and promised it would come in if they won, Liberals said they’d vote against it but not in public so they could get away with going back on their word. Liberals have a strong christian pro-family support base so to vote against the bill would have p’d those ppl off.

It wasn’t even mentioned in the media in the lead up to the election because there was a media ban from the labour government, apparently. A supression order…I didn’t know that could happen. So best of luck guys xx


That’s a good thing. It means you can see past the nanny state bs smoke screen. It’s going to be sold as a safe guard against a cyber attack from a hostile organization or group “for our own good”, “to protect us”. That is if it’s sold at all. The folks in the FCC may just do it, assuming the mechanism isn’t already in place. It could be stuck in on another bill at the last moment without anyone having a chance to raise the alarm or spread the word. Go ahead and fit me for my tin foil hat if you want, but the people holding most the offices(departments included) in Washington are progressives. Look at what the EPA and the FCC have already done. Look at all the “sworn defenders” of the Constitution that laughed at it outright when asked how it applied to what they were doing.


I’m guessing this has a lot to do with wikileaks. Maybe you can thank Julian lestrange or whatever he’s called. Or did this get proposed before he hit the scene?


This started in ernest when Obama and his minions took over. There were rumors on the Left that Bush was going to do it out of spite and to silence them.


We need an army of hackers.


There already is a army of hackers out there. You just need to unite the different groups and independent hackers.