Rep: Mass Shooting Occurs Every Day in U.S.


Rep: Mass Shooting Occurs Every Day in U.S.
by AWR Hawkins

15 Jan 2013

Speaking to CNN on Jan 14, Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) tried to justify pending gun grabs by saying, “There is, in fact, a mass killing in [the U.S.] everyday.”

Speier is one of 12 Democrat Reps who met with VP Biden Monday to discuss new gun control measures, and she wholeheartedly believes “there is much that needs to be done, and there’s much that can be done,” via Executive Orders to change gun policies.

She talked about being shot five times in Guyana, South America, and being left for dead in 1978. She then began talking about America and stressed that we have to do something to be “sure these kinds of things don’t happen again.”

She then turned her attention to the NRA, whom she said uses “fear” as a tactic by applying their political clout to “put fear into members [of Congress].”

Speier then used fear-mongering as a tactic herself, saying that we can’t continue to live in a situation where people are “afraid to go to a movie, afraid to take their kids to school,” blah, blah, blah.

This insult to fruitcakes is, sad to say, from the SF Bay Area. The article doesn’t mention whether the CNN talking heads called her on her ignorance/exaggeration … I’d be surprised to learn they did …


So, she used Guyana to “prove” what is happening in the US?


Dear God…how do these embiciles get elected?

Good example of why only 10% of the population was qualified to vote in 1824.


Exactly what I was thinking.