Rep Tom McClintock on CA's 2016 Ballot Measures


Rep Tom McClintock on CA’s 2016 Ballot Measures

Proposition 51 - Add $1,400 To Your Credit Card Balance: NO. When Jerry Brown calls a measure fiscally irresponsible, well, my God! This $9 billion bond measure will cost $17.6 billion ($1,400 per household) to repay over the life of the loan. The bond is for local schools, and a big chunk of it is for routine maintenance. This violates basic principles of sound borrowing. First, statewide bonds should be for statewide purposes; local schools should be paid for with local bonds. Otherwise, we end up robbing Piedmont to pay Pasadena. Second, bonds should be for capital projects with a lifespan at least equal to the debt. If our children are to pay off these bonds, they should benefit from them. Their generation will have their own painting and weed-pulling to do, without having to pay for our generation as well.

Proposition 54 – Read the Damn Bills: YES. This forbids the legislature from voting on a bill until it has been in print for 72 hours and available to both legislators and the public to read. It stops the dangerous practice of having to pass a bill so we know what’s in it.
Proposition 55 – Eat the Rich: NO. In 2012, Californians made a mistake in approving the highest personal income tax rate anywhere in the country on the “very wealthy people” who make over $250,000 a year. It is due to be phased out in 2018. This proposition would make it permanent. What’s wrong with soaking the rich? For openers, a lot of these “very wealthy people” aren’t wealthy and they aren’t even people. They’re struggling small businesses filing under subchapter S. The really rich folks just re-arrange their schedules so they’re not legal residents and don’t pay the tax. As Arthur Laffer has often said, “There’s nothing in the world more portable than money and rich people.”
Proposition 56 – Another Tobacco Tax: NO. This adds another $2.00 per pack tax on cigarettes, making California one of the heaviest taxed states for tobacco (like everything else). …

A conservative take on CA’s 17 ballot measures from the man I wish had been Governor instead of Ahhhnold the RINO.