If someones post is Conservative to hit +1 which moves their rep right. To keep people from messing with others have it set that it takes 5 +1 on a given post to move the bar or add the +1. If its moonbat, Liberalish you hit -1 and it moves to the left. Same rule aplies 5 or more -1 to move it -1.

can be a small sliding scale or just so much rep one way or the other changes a small title. -1000 George Soros, -500 Moonbat, -250 Socialist, -100 Liberal, -10 to +10 Moderate, +100 Righty, +250 Republican +500 Conservative +1000 Reaganite.

If the titles don’t work have it be a set of blocks, Red for Right, Blue for Left.

Or is this a bad idea?


Rep works very well on the Ron Paul Forums.

I disagree with the titles.

They use the blocks, but it is red for negative, gray for neutral(basically new members), and green for positive. You are able to accumulate bars in either direction depending on the amount of rep.

You also have a limit to how much you can rep each person, depending on how much you rep everybody else.

You can also leave comments that go to your page that only you can see, but you can also rep without a comment.


Can I just get the anarchist color from the start? No one here on the site agrees with me.


Rep sucks. All it does is encourage group think and “punishment” of minority opinions…and unfairly rep up the “in crowd mutual adoration society”.<br><br>But it is quite funny when someone who has you on ignore gives you negative rep! :awkward:


I disagree. Apart from one user (Anti-Federalist) it seems all the users with a lot of rep is from a “rep circle jerk” for lack of another term. I must admit, I was guilty of that (got to the max rep bars before getting banned).


I’ve agreed with quite a few things you’ve said.

I actually think I’ve agreed with everyone at one point or another. I disagree with a lot of posts as well, though.


This issue was discussed and turned down long ago. I don’t think it’s a good idea at all.


I don’t know. I rep indiscriminately. I think it incentives good posting.