Report: CBS News Bosses Irked by Correspondent's Thorough Benghazi Reporting


Report: CBS News Bosses Irked by Correspondent’s Thorough Benghazi Reporting
Guy Benson
May 08, 2013

The biggest Benghazi-related story that took place outside of the House Oversight Committee’s hearing room today is this item in Politico, regarding CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson. She’s the reporter who famously drew White House officials’ profane ire over her unapologetic pursuit of the Fast & Furious scandal story; now she’s apparently facing searing criticism from another source: Her own bosses. Why? Because she’s been covering the Benghazi story too aggressively. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you media bias:

So, hounding Pres. Bush on a variety of issues was being a good reporter, but pursuing Benghazi aggressively in the face of obvious stonewalling is “dangerously close to advocacy”? Really?! Can you say, “Partisan Double-Standard”? Can you say, “Standard MSM Operating Procedure?!”

And does anyone believe for a moment that CBS execs haven’t been “spoken to” about Attkisson by upper WH people or Pres. Obama himself?


I’d imagine they were irked about someone reporting on a study that shows how gun crimes have actually been dropping drastically over the past dozen years or so as well.


Our local ABC news channel this morning didn’t even mention the hearings. They found time to mention a local that lost on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and several reports on the new roller coaster though. The MSM will do all they can to protect THEIR President. After all, they did so much to get him elected.